This Is How Women Are Taking the Stress Out of Everyday Life

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Life admin-it's a thing. As working women, we are making big decisions all day long, thinking about every minuscule detail to do the best job we can-both at home and in the office. We're also likely to have a banked-up list of things we need to get done (read: life admin tasks). This list usually consists of menial jobsВ like booking your car in for a long overdue service, stocking the pantry with extra groceries to accommodate the amount of food your growing children are consuming, and even getting your hair touched up so you don't see a skunk looking back at you when you inВ mirror each morning.

To take the sometimes unnecessary thinking out of your day, we thought it an effective idea to look towards outsourcing and how much of it we can actually use to make our busy livesВ easier. And the solution is probably lying either on your desk beside you or in the palm of your hand as you read this-that's right, it's all on your smartphone. We rounded upВ the best apps to outsource your life admin tasks and minimise stress.

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Food Shopping

A MyDomaine AustraliaВ favourite, Teresa Cutter's recipe app has more than 200 recipes and is full of wholefood breakfasts, mains, and desserts, so you'll never be stuck on meal ideas. Our favourite part? TheВ screen is always "on" so when you're preparing a recipe, you don't have to keep tapping the screen whenВ you have oil all over yourВ fingers.

Download Recipes by The Healthy Chef for $4.49 on iTunes.

We'll take any excuse not to have to navigate the crowded supermarket aisles on a Sunday. The Woolworths app lets you create a grocery list from the comfort of your sofa, and it gives you the option toВ having your shopping picks to be delivered to your door. This means you can now keep watchingВ The Great Australian Bake Off and satisfy your baking cravings at the same time. Sounds tasty-and a bit dangerous.

Download Woolworths for free on iTunes.

Waiting in Lines

How does never having to wait for your food and drinks again sound? Pre-order your morning (or afternoon, no judgement here) coffee on the Skip app, then pick it up and continue living your fabulous life. Hello, streamlined caffeine boost.

Download Skip for free on iTunes.

Cleaning and Errands

IKEA lovers, this one's for you. Airtasker allows you to outsource tasks like assembling flat-packВ furniture, cleaning your home, handyman jobs, even pickup and delivery. Think of thisВ app as having an army of personal assistants always on-call.

Download Airtasker for free on iTunes.


When your pupВ really needs to go for a walk but you have to make your 8 a.m. meeting (or you just really don't have the energy today), PawshakeВ puts you in touch with trusted animal lovers to take on the task. From walking, to dog-sitting, you can rest at ease that your pet is being taken care of.

Download PawshakeВ for free on iTunes.


Your nails no longer need to stay chipped for a week as Glamazon caters to your every beauty need. Think of it as the Uber of beauty, and a peer-to-peer service that connects you with qualified beauty professionals, and hairstylists in real time. So you can walk into your weekend prepped and primed.В

Download Glamazon for free on iTunes.

Like the idea of minimising stress? TryВ clearing out negative energies from your homeВ with an ancient ritual.