11 Luxurious Beds That'll Make You Want to Hit the Snooze Button

Though simply being horizontal after a long day is enough to beget a sigh of relief, a luxurious bed can elevate that moment to pure bliss. There's nothing quite as satisfying as climbing into a fluffy, freshly laundered bed… except maybe hitting the snooze button on a Saturday morning. Sounds nice right about now, doesn't it?

Well, if you're ready to step up your bedroom dГ©cor game while also creating a sleep situation fit for the star of The Princess and the Pea, you're in the right place. We rounded up 11 luxurious beds to inspire deeper sleep and striking interiors. Some make luxury look laid-back and easy, while others are channeling sophisticated five-star hotel rooms. Keep reading for style tips to achieve the luxurious bed looks for yourself.



This bedroom is so gorgeous that we can't even find the words to describe it. But we'll try anyway. Resting at the intersection of bohemian, industrial, and contemporary style, we love how the interiors blend seamlessly into the outside environment. There's nothing like a large architectural window to create a dreamy space. And the blush-hued linens soften up the industrial concrete walls while sticking within the neutral color palate.

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Luxurious Bed Look #2: BOLD IN GOLD

Nicole Hollis

Fact: Gold makes everything feel fancier. The statement-making gold mirrored piece is a beautiful backdrop for the bed, and we love how the crisp white sheets and cool gray tones of the bedding and carpet cool things down a bit. The mirror above the mantel adds a nice touch of tradition, while the geometric pendant light anchors the modern style.

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Luxurious Bed Look #3: A SMALL SANCTUARY


Though tiny and casual, this is just about the dreamiest, most romantic bedroom we've ever laid eyes on, all thanks to the lived-in linen bedding and sheer ethereal canopy (the natural light flooding the room doesn't hurt either). And the bed itself makes luxury look easy.

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Luxurious Bed Look #4: PRINT PLAY

Nikole Ramsay

Luxury doesn't necessarily mean formal and traditional. This bed situation proves that you can play with color and experiment with print-mixing while also creating a grown-up, luxurious feel. The velvet throws and clean, structural wood furniture are a nice contrast to the bright hues while also reflecting the geometric motifs throughout the space. Also, we love the way the stack of magazines is working as a makeshift side table.

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Luxurious Bed Look #5: WALL-TO-WALL COHESION

Studio Ashby

A wall-to-wall headboard that extends beyond the width of the actual bed is a unique way to create cohesion and make a statement that doesn't feel cluttered or over-the-top. This one is reminiscent of a cloud, which will manifest a good night's sleep. With two minimalist bedside tables flanking the bed and the armchair and artwork placed diagonally opposite each other, the symmetry and sense of balance are really on point. We also like how the bed itself is low to the ground with a top sheet that drapes onto the floor.

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Fashion Me Now

Simple and spare, this blue-and-white bedroom is channeling Santorini. If you can't hop over to Greece but you love these sophisticated beach house vibes, take notes from this bedroom and punctuate crisp white bedding, floors, and ceilings with splashes of blue ikat. The white headboard is a subtle though transformative touch that elevates the whole space.

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Luxurious Bed Look #7: LAYER ON THE TEXTURE

Elizabeth Roberts

A plush rug by the bed is an easy way to make you feel like your bedroom is more luxurious. If you're wondering how to layer at home without accidentally overcrowding the room, consider the bedroom above your guide. The key to layering materials and textures is to keep the palette tight while also paying attention to scale and proportion.

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Luxurious Bed Look #8: GEOMETRY 101

JH Interior Design

This bedroom is having so much fun with shapes, and we're definitely here for it. The light blush pink circle painted on the wall anchors the room and touches on the organic rounded edges of the rattan pendant while contrasting with the cubic wall dГ©cor, triangular A-frame ceiling, and angular bench legs. Together, they create a lovely symmetry that's totally unique and intriguing. For an extra cozy feel, think thickly knitted throws and freshly laundered crisp white sheets.

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Luxurious Bed Look #9: BALANCED BLISS


Though it may sound silly and obvious, your bed will feel more luxurious simply just if you make it. Never underestimate the power of hospital corners to beauty your bed while also making it a cozier, more inviting place to curl up in when it's time for bed. We love how this room straddles the cusp of put-together and laid-back and liveable. The wooden bed frame, indoor greenery, and florals are relaxing and inviting, while the high ceiling, crisp white walls, and modern lighting feel elegant.

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Luxurious Bed Look #10: STAYING GROUNDED

Fantastic Frank

If you needed proof that laid-back interiors can also exude luxury, look no further. For a similarly laid-back vibe, ditch your bedframe and keep your mattress on the floor and opt for loose, fluffy bedding. If you like color, a throw blanket is a great way to layer in personality and texture. This dusty rose, white, and olive green geometric option is fun.

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Luxurious Bed Look #11: SKY-HIGH GLAMOUR

Studio DB

A floor-to-ceiling headboard, velvet throw pillow, plush carpet, furry bench, and glammed-out pendant light make for a thoroughly luxurious bedroom. The saturated wall art adds a nice pop of color and the pair of sconces make for a more convenient lifestyle and put-together aesthetic.

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And now, learn seven tricks designers swear by to make bedrooms look more expensive. If you need us, we'll be snoring (in our dreams, that is).