How to Use Avocados in All Your Meals (and Your Beauty Routine)

As if you needed another reason to order that extra side of avocado… Since it's at its midsummer seasonal prime, we decided to honor our favorite food in the produce aisle by coming up with unique ways to use it. Packed with heart-healthy fats, omega-3 amino acids, and endless flavor combination potential, what's not to love? Considering that avocados offer so much versatility, we decided to apply that attribute here by including innovative recipes to incorporate into your cooking routine as well as your beauty regimen.

From panko baked avocado tacos to a white avo pizza, each recipe offers a unique way to prepare and enjoy this health food favorite. First, find out how to use avocados in the kitchen, and then discover how to use them while perched at your bathroom vanity. Ready to start enjoying avocados at every meal? Scroll through to start cooking and concocting with the four food and two beauty recipes below.

The Recipes: Egg in a Hole Avo Toast

Half Baked Harvest

Do you ever have those mornings where you're craving something fruity and fresh but you also just want to go order an avocado toast with a side of eggs or maybe something cheesy? Next time you find yourself in this tricky conundrum, you won't have to choose just one. Instead, try making Half Baked Harvest's egg in a hole avocado toast recipe. Stacked with grilled corn, basil, and sliced peaches and sprinkled with feta cheese, it offers all of that in a perfectly toasted bite.

In the Kitchen: Grilled BLTA Gem Salad

Spoon Fork Bacon

If this dish could speak, it would surely say, I'm not a regular salad-I'm a cool salad." So when you're in the mood for something healthier, try this BLTA recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon. We promise it's anything but boring since it's full of flavorful and fresh ingredients, with everything from bacon and blue cheese to tomatoes, avocado, and grilled gem lettuce.

In the Kitchen: Panko Baked Avocado Tacos

Minimalist Baker

Whoa, talk about creative genius. This recipe from Minimalist Baker is extremely innovative, stepping up our taco game and our sliced avocado game all at once. The interesting contrast in flavors between the crunchy panko and smooth avo is going to surprise in the best way possible. Simple, easy, and gourmet!

In the Kitchen: Avocado and Rocket White Pizza

From the Kitchen

This recipe brought to us by From the Kitchen is a salad and pizza two-in-one deal, so you could say we're pretty stoked about it. A bed of peppery rocket, creamy avocado, sweet zucchini, crispy broccoli, and garlic-spiked basil leaves sits atop a thing white mozzarella pizza. Are you running to the kitchen yet?

Though we can relate, stick around a little longer to get the avocado skincare and haircare tips below.

At the Vanity: DIY Avocado Masks

Chriselle Lim

Just as avocado is incredibly nutritious and thus a great addition to a balanced, healthy diet, those amino acids and vitamins can also help improve the condition of your skin and hair.

Avocado for Your Skin: If you live in a dry climate or have been traveling a lot (nothing dries out and grimes up your skin like in-flight air conditioning), avocado is the go-to ingredient for making a hydrating mask at home. Lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogger Chriselle Lim recommends it for smooth, soft, and healthily hydrated skin. Just mix in 1 egg white, about 1/4 of an avocado, and 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt. Once the mixture is ready, simply apply onto your face and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Avocado for Your Hair: Similar to the above, avocado is a great way to naturally hydrate a dull and dry mane. Either look for some brands that call for avocado in their products or make your own treatment at home. This way, you can save a ton of money by cutting back on an expensive beauty routine while still getting those healthy hair benefits.

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