Stunning Wall Art That Steals The Show

The word modernВ can mean different things to different people, but when it comes to using the term modern art, it refers to a specific time period and style of painting. "Modern art was characterized by a desire to do things differently-to experiment, to work with new materials, toВ breathe a spirit of freshness into traditional art," explains Rebecca Wilson, Saatchi Art's chiefВ curator. Although modern art has its roots in the past, you can find contemporary works of art that pay homage to this rule-breaking movement.

Sharyn Cairns DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

"When I think of modern art today, I think of abstract painting that is expressive, has an elegance, and deceptive simplicity to it," Wilson says. When selecting modernВ wall art for your own home, she suggests looking for paintings with bold brushstrokes, black and white color palettes, simple color compositions that hint back to the color field painters of the 1950s, and relief paintings defined by raised surfaces. With these elements in mind, you'll be on your way to curating a modern art gallery in your own home. ShopВ our edit of modern wall art below to start your collection.

Koen Lybaert VГҐk $100Shop

The varying blue shades in this watercolor landscape painting create a calm, soothing effect while resembling the modern art of color field painters like Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman.

Satsuki Shibuya Gilded Print $450Shop

A minimal, understated piece, this painting still evokes movement and passion through gesturalВ brushstrokes, both key elements of modern art.

Seb Sweatman Rubix Cube $10350Shop

This painting is bursting with color and expressive gestures. The large-scale work wouldВ make a bold statement in any room.

Marleigh Culver Number 13 $680Shop

Reminiscent of a sun and sprawling palms, this abstract work is meant to appear connected to nature. The bright yellowВ adds a modern pop of color to the piece.

Jieun Jang Pebble 2 $420Shop

This gray and white geometric piece is a graphite drawing that almost looks three-dimensional. Hang this piece of modern wall art in your home to add a subtle element of design.

Jonni Cheatwood Man, That's Times New Roman $1400Shop

At first glance, this work is just a painting with an abstracted array of colors and shapes. However, upon closer examination, you can see that the horizontal stripes at the bottom are actually pieces of fabric sewn onto the canvas.

Karri Allrich Black and White Abstract #1 $155Shop

You can't go wrong with a bold black-and-white abstractВ work like this limited-edition print. It's modern, compelling, and won't distract from the rest of your dГ©cor.

Amanda Talley Zsa Zsa I & II $1390Shop

Why hang one piece of modern wall art when you can hang two? This diptych beautifully combines bright blues, light pinks, and hints of deep purple in thick swirling brushstrokes that almost make the paintings appear to be moving.

Don Lewis Orange and Blue No.2 $1300Shop

If color is your thing, don't be afraid of a bright, expressive painting like this orange and turquoiseВ work.

Holly Addi Akken $2800Shop

This painting forces you to pay attention to the negative space in between the blocks of color. It's an intriguingВ piece that will stop guests in their tracks.

Aschely Vaughan Cone Black Shield II $Price Upon RequestShop

A dark and moody painting, this work contains continuously repeated geometric shapes and designs. Hang it proudly above the sofa or in a large hallway to really make a statement.

Paul Bik Composition H1 $3120Shop

Calling on Italian relief paintings, this egg-shell piece may be simplistic in color but it depicts intricate shapes and patterns that lift the design right off the wooden frame.

Shop modern wall art from online retailers like Saatchi Art, Tappan Collective, and Uprise Art to transform your home into truly curated space.