4 Small Things You Can Do to Feel More in Control of Your Life


Not even the most hyper-organized people can plan for life's many curveballs. Our 20s and 30s, in particular, can be an especially challenging time-financially, socially, or otherwise-as we settle into post-college life, climb the career ladder, and navigate our path through adulthood, creating the perfect storm for anxiety when uncertainty and disaster strike. When your world seems like it's quickly spiraling out of control, there are simple things you can do to go beyond meditating, grab back the reins, and beat back that overwhelming feeling.

Body and Soul recently shared a handful of scientifically proven moves to make you feel calmer, collected, and in command. Here are four of the easiest tricks to help you regain control of your life:

Sip on chamomile tea. Perhaps the simplest, quickest way to return to a sense calm is by drinking this ancient medicinal herb in liquid form. In fact, a study published in Molecular Medicine Reports explains that chamomile isn't just effective as a natural sleep aid; the research also notes that "inhalation of the vaporized essential oils derived from chamomile flowers is recommended to relieve anxiety, general depression."

Scroll through photos that make you happy. By this, we don't mean thumbing through your Instagram feed-even TIME links the social media app with anxiety-causing FOMO. Instead, Body and Soul recommends that you "search for 'satisfying photos' on Google" or find light-hearted videos as a way to calm your worrisome brain.

Make your bed. In a study published by Psychology Today, researchers found that people who make their beds tend to be happier than those who don't. The finding also uncovered that bed makers "are also more likely to like their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly, and feel rested." Plus, some swear using these tricks to make your bedroom look more expensive helps to start the day off on an accomplished foot.

Get out of the house or office. If all else fails, take a breather outside. In fact, one environmental psychologist tells Huffington Post that the mere sight of trees, grass, and other greenery has been proven to reduce stress levels.

Head over to Body and Soul for the complete roundup of tricks for feeling more in control.