The Affordable (and Spring-Friendly) Bedroom Upgrade to Make Today

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Everyone loves a DIY activityВ that gets us creative on weekends. AndВ with the warmer days fast approaching, we've been on the hunt for easy (and inexpensive) ways to upgrade our spacesВ by creating bold features that can become the focal point within each room. Our must-have for the bedroom? Shibori sheets.В Not only are we low-key fascinatedВ with all things Japanese, but we also love that the technique's geometric patterns, clean lines, and deep blue tones remind us of a coastal sojourn through Italy's coastlines. Thankfully,В Well+GoodВ has given us an easy how-to for creating this on-trend bedding option.

Step this way to see designer (and founder ofВ textiles and accessories store Apprvl)В Megan Mussari'sВ guideВ to giving your bedroom a makeover using the shibori technique of itajime, which uses resistance and binding to create dyed shapes. As she recommends using natural fibres, such as linen, cotton, or silk, for an extra contrasting detail, we suggest pairing silk pillows with linen sheets.

See below for Mussari's how-to and to shop our favouriteВ sleeping accessories to start with.В


DIY Shibori Linen


  • ProtectiveВ drop cloth
  • Fabric of choice
  • 2 plastic lids
  • Small, yet thick, rubber bands
  • A pair of 3-litre buckets
  • Water
  • AВ natural indigo dye kitВ
  • Gentle detergent

Optional: Disposable gloves. MussariВ prefers not to use them soВ she can feel the fabric,В but the dye will stain your hands and nails for a few days, so beware.В

Prepare the fabric


Protect your work surface with your drop cloth, then take your piece of fabric and make equal folds until you've made a long rectangle. Next,В to createВ a triangle, fold the fabric backwards on itself from one corner in an accordion fashion, and keep folding until you've formed a tight triangle shape.


Sandwich your fabric in-between the two plastic lids. Then to hold fast, wrap the rubber bands around the edges, making sure to keep the triangle shape intact.

Dye the fabric

Fill one of your two buckets with water.В Drop your triangle of fabric into this bucketВ and make sure to give it a good soak. This will ensure the best result in the dyeing process. Meanwhile, in the other bucket, follow your kit's instructions to create the indigo dye.В


Place the fabric into the indigo dye solution and fully submerge.В


  • The longer the fabric sits in the dye, the deeper the colour will be.
  • Ensure the dye gets into even the smallest crevices of the fabric for a consistent colour.
Well+Good Well+Good

Remove theВ fabric from the solution and let the dye settle into the fabric for at leastВ 20 minutes before unbinding from the lids and rubber bands. Once dried, give the fabric a gentle wash with a soft detergent and clean water, and enjoy watching your creation come to life.

For the full and detailed step-by-step how-to, head toВ Well+Good.

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