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Cozy Blankets That Are Actually, Genuinely, as Soft as They Look

Few disappointments in life compare to the sheer misery of discovering that a blanket you expected to be super soft is actually scratchy AF. This letdown tends to follow a well-meaning online shopping session. You perused what your favorite home stores had to offer and settled on a throw that seemed equal parts cute and cozy. Unfortunately, when that much-awaited blanket finally arrived on your doorstep, you realized that while it was veritably cute, it wasn't cozy at all. In fact, it was an itchy-scratchy nightmare-not at all the kind of thing you'd hoped to snuggle up in all season long.В

Dilemmas like this really only happen when it comes to online shopping. When you don't have the opportunity to interact with a product in-person, you're just making your best guess as to what it feels like. Thankfully, with a little due diligence, you can ensure the soft blankets you're eyeing are actually, genuinely, as cozy as you think they are. The key is simple: Mind your textiles.

When shopping for throw blankets online, pay particular attention to the textiles used. Looking for cashmere, merino wool, chenille, polyester, and cotton are your best bets.

When it comes time to buy your next blanket, search for the part of the product description that lists what the throw is made from. Favor textiles like cashmere, merino wool, chenille, polyester, and cotton. Cashmere and merino wool will be thick, heavy, and incredibly soft (though they may prove a little expensive or difficult to clean). Chenille, which is often crafted from synthetic materials, will feel almost smooth to the touch-though it'll still be thick and cozy. Polyester comprises most fleeces, and you can expect it to be about as fluffy as it looks in photos. And cotton offers a lighter option, as it's usually found in waffle-knit throws.

If you're particularly sensitive to itchiness, try to avoid blankets blended with wool (as noted earlier, cashmere and merino wool are exceptions to this rule). Wool can be scratchy and irritating, so it's worth avoiding if you can manage it. Synthetic textiles-like acrylic, rayon, acetate, and nylon-can be similarly uncomfortable. Though there are some notable exceptions to this rule-namely, polyester and chenille.

Not interested in sifting through this information every time you go to buy a throw? No worries-we've pulled 17 blankets that offer comfort and chic appeal in equal measure. Buy one (or a few), and get ready to do some serious seasonal snuggling.

Urban Outfitters Amped Fleece Throw Blanket $49Shop

Fleece is basically always a good idea. And we suspect you'll find this particularly fluffy take on the textile positively delightful.

Ellen Van Dusen Totem Cotton Knit Throw $195Shop

This eye-catching throw is sure to serve as a statement piece in any room you introduce it to. The best part? It's veritably cozy.

West Elm Luxe Chenille Throws $89Shop

A chenille throw is a no-fail addition to any bedroom, living room, sitting room-any room at all, really. Plus, West Elm's palette is so diverse you're sure to find a blanket in a shade that fits your aesthetic du jour.

Parachute Marled Cashmere Throw $349Shop

Perfect for the shopper who's really looking to treat themselves, this cashmere throw will add a heaping dose of luxury and indulgent comfort to any home.

West Elm Roar + Rabbit Refracted Throw $79Shop

A throw so bold you could hang it on your wall like art? Now that's a blanket we can get behind. Crafted from lightweight cotton, this beauty is worth snagging now and leaving out until it gets seriously cold outside. (Then, you can level up to something heavier.)

Pendleton Glacier National Park Pieced Quilt Set $129+Shop

Quilts are chronically underrated. While this thick blanket is sure to keep you warm during the calendar's coldest days, the cotton it's crafted from should also give you plenty of room to breathe. No overheating, no problem.

Pendleton Cotton Waffle Blanket $99Shop

Cotton waffle blankets are endlessly delightful-mostly because they're fit for use during any season. Snag a statement-making throw in a trendy rust tone, or opt for a subtler shade. With a blanket this cozy, it's pretty hard to go wrong.

Anthropologie Molly Plaid Throw Blanket $88Shop

Fall plaids aren't just for our wardrobes. This fringe-lined beauty is crafted from handwoven cotton, so you can rest assured knowing it'll be as cozy as it is cute.

Pottery Barn Faux Sheepskin Throw $119+Shop

Shaggy on one side, fleece-y on the other, this faux sheepskin throw is practically begging to join you on your next lazy Sunday. And there's no need to fret about the pristine white color-the throw is machine-washable.

Pendleton Grand Canyon National Park Quilt Set $129+Shop

Bold stripes, rendered in a vibrant palette and in a seriously cozy cotton textile? This throw sounds too good to be true-thankfully, it isn't.

CB2 Premium Faux Fur Throw $169Shop

Few textiles scream “instant coziness” quite the way faux fur does. This luxurious option is sure to add some textural elegance to your home, all the while keeping you incredibly comfy.

West Elm Mixed Stripe Picnic Blanket $49Shop

Picnic season may be coming to a close, but this lightweight cotton throw can easily be repurposed during fall and winter. Just snuggle up in it whenever you need an ounce of extra warmth (or layer it over your other go-to seasonal throws).

CB2 Channeled Faux Fur Throw $129Shop

This versatile faux fur throw is perfect for an apres-ski snuggle-or a Saturday night spent watching Netflix.

West Elm Cotton Knit Throw $79+Shop

West Elm's cotton knit throws offer all the appeal of a waffle blanket, in a slightly less obvious way. Perfect for the shopper who craves a lightweight knit-but an ever-so out-of-the-box one.

Parachute Plaid Merino Throw $229Shop

Merino wool is what snuggly sweater dreams are made of. And it's what snuggly blanket dreams are made of, too. Treat yourself to this luxe throw, and you might be tempted to spend all afternoon on the couch-but that's not necessarily a bad thing, right?

Anthropologie Sophie Faux Fur Throw Blanket $98Shop

Fluffy throws, fit for the shopper who wants to do faux fur in the most fun way possible. Unleash your inner minimalist and opt for a versatile neutral, or go full maximalist and shop the most vibrant shades on offer. With throws this plush, you're bound to end up happy with your decision.

Design Within Reach Lana Blanket $450Shop

Neutral blankets might not catch your eye online, but they're sure to fit seamlessly into any room in your house. This elegant option is rendered in a cozy lightweight cotton, so you can buy it now and cuddle up in it all year long.

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