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This One Affordable Item Will Make Your Home Feel Like a 5-Star Spa


You know when you walk into a spa and immediately feel at peace? It's not just the knowledge that you're about to receive a blissful two-hour massage or the idea that you can disconnect for an afternoon-it's the soothing scent that most spas are enveloped in: eucalyptus, lavender, basil, bergamot. And while it's not always easy (or affordable) to make it to the spa on a regular basis, it's possible to re-create the same relaxing vibes at home. All you need is a scent diffuser.

Whether it uses ultrasonic or nebulizer technology or the simple power of a small candle,В scent diffusers can envelop your entire home in the smell of essential oilsВ that can help you relax, get energised, focus, or sleep. If you're convinced that you need this small luxury in your life, we rounded up the best scent diffusers on the market. Just fill them with water (or a candle), add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and you'll be on your way to creating a blissful tranquil home.В

Pilgrim Zoe Essential Oil Diffuser $120Shop

Handcrafted from oak wood and ceramic, this stylish minimalВ diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to keep essential oils at their full integrity. With a larger water tank, extended run time, and remote control functionality, this advanced system allows you to create a completely customized experience. It even produces light if you want to use it as a light.

Aroma Om Deluxe Black Ultrasonic Diffuser $130Shop

This larger ultrasonic diffuser will last 11 hours (or 22 hours on low) meaning that you can infuse your home with soothing essential oil scents all night long-or use it in the morning to add vitality to your space.В

Anthropologie ONA by EKOBO Essential Oil Diffuser $88Shop

This small and stylish essential diffuser is perfect toВ keep at work-so you can inhale essential oils that will make you feel awake and focused all day long-without the dangers of a candle.В

Aroma Om Gold Marble Ultrasonic Diffuser $90Shop

For any gold and marble fan, this diffuser is perfect. Infuse your air with soothing essential oils and enhance your well-being by creating a soothing atmosphere in your home with this limited-edition diffuser.

Pilgrim Sofia Diffuser $100Shop

This space-saving diffuser uses nebulizer technologyВ to disperse essential oils without the use of water, making it an ideal choice for small rooms and workspaces. Just choose the essential oils that suit your intentions and lifestyle, and allow the powers of aromatherapy to enhance your everyday experience.В

Vitruvi Black Stone Essential Oil Diffuser $119Shop

The Rolls-Royce of scent diffusers, Vitruvi's black stone diffuser is handcrafted from porcelain and uses ultrasonic technology to keep essential oils at their full integrity as their diffused into the air.В

Bodha Ritual Oil Diffuser $98Shop

Another diffuser that doesn't use water, this diffuser instead uses the flicker of a small candle to disperse essential oils into the air. It also looks like a beautiful handcrafted pottery so you can display it just about anywhere.

Aroma Gem Matte Black Ultrasonic Diffuser $80Shop

This stylish geometric matte black diffuser will blend in with your dГ©cor all the while infusing your air with the soothing scents of essential oils. Just turn it on and enjoy.

Pilgrim Teo Essential Oil Diffuser $80Shop

Handcrafted from beech wood and ceramic, thisВ adorable teardrop-shaped diffuser is ideal for any space in your home-and will provide both aesthetic benefits and wellness ones.

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