A Different Type of Journaling That Could Change Everything

Writing in a journal has many known benefits: It can reduce the onslaught of sickness, make you a better leader, and help you be more grateful. However, not everyone is into writing in a diary, and if you feel that way, I recommend trying out a different type of journaling: audio journaling, the benefits of which were discussed in a recent Inc. article. Instead of writing your thoughts down, says Inc. contributor Christina Desmarais, talk to yourself. Record yourself for a couple of minutes by talking into your phone. “Recap charged or interesting moments, insights, and conversations that occurred throughout the day,” she says. “Also note actions you took to support career goals or help your company grow, as well as the titles of books you want to read, places you wants to go, or people you need to connect with.” Once a week, grab your phone and headphones and listen to everything that you recorded over the past seven days. Do this while you're walking the dog, washing dishes, or folding laundry. Checking in with yourself on a daily basis will bolster your potential and increase your success.

Have you ever tried audio journaling?