Your October Horoscope Is Here-This Is What You Can Expect This Month

This month, we're transitioning from lighthearted Libra to intense Scorpio. Both signs rule relationships, and with the personal planets shifting between both this month, the urge to merge is strong. Assertive Mars into Libra on the 4th inspires you to balance out any connections that have been a little one-sided, and with Venus into Scorpio on the 8th, you're ready to get serious about vulnerability. You crave a deeper level of devotion than what you've been getting, whether it's in your love life, at the office, or in your friendships.

With two Mars-ruled moons this month-an Aries full moon on the 13th and a Scorpio new moon on the 27th-everyone feels very strongly about getting what they want. But thanks to the start of Scorpio season on the 23rd, you might realize that there's a subconscious level to that desire that you didn't realize was there. With Mercury retrograde for 3 weeks starting Halloween night, take the time to examine why you're chasing the things you're chasing. Is there something else that's healthier that could play the same role in your life? Maybe go after that instead.

Curious about what's secretly motivating you this month? Read for your sign to find out!

If you've been flying solo recently, the stars have other plans for you this month. Your urge to merge intensifies when fiery Mars moves into your relationships zone on the 4th. You'll be motivated to work on things with a partner, but don't be surprised if that passion leads to a few well-meaning debates. Under the full moon in your sign on the 13th, make sure your voice is being heard!

By the time the sun moves into your intimate eighth house on the 23rd, you'll be ready to take your bond to the next level. Under the Scorpio new moon on the 27th, you might surprise yourself with just how much you want someone or something. Go slow, because with Mercury going retrograde on Halloween night, there's probably more to that desire than meets the eye. It'll all be clear next month, but for now, be patient and enjoy the mystery of the moment.

This month, all you need is love! When sensual Venus moves into your relationship zone on the 8th, you'll feel totally in sync with your lover, and it's totally mutual. (Not partnered up? You could meet someone who's a match, or promote an acquaintance or work partner into your “close friends” circle!). When the Aries full moon lights up your imagination zone on the 13th, you channel the good vibes into inspiration for a creative project or take a short retreat that helps you feel totally refreshed.

Next, the sun follows Venus into Scorpio on the 23rd, enhancing the tribe vibe. Pay attention to who you meet or talk to under the Scorpio new moon on the 27th, because your growing relationship with them may have an important role to play in your life over the next month, as Mercury retrogrades in the same sign starting on Halloween night. If you feel spooky synchronicity about a certain connection, listen to it!

If you've been waiting for the right moment to Marie Kondo your life, October is it! Starting on the 3rd, Mercury moves into your health and habits zone for a 3 month stay, where it'll help you organize all the fine details of your life. It's your ruling planet, and it's in hyper-focused Scorpio, so the energy is even more intense than usual-but it's amazing for cleaning the skeletons out of your closets.

Even though Mercury retrograde kicks off on Halloween night, don't fear! It's actually a good thing. Together with the sun into Scorpio on the 23rd, it's a cosmic spotlight that illuminates parts of your routine that need a little more sparkle. By the time the Scorpio new moon comes around on the 27th, you'll finally see the results of your efforts. Still, don't be afraid to call in some help in the process! When the Aries full moon lights up your groups sector on the 13th, ask a friend to be your new gym partner or to help you with some emotional heavy lifting. You'll be surprised how happy they are to help!

For someone as sensitive as you, being in a partnership can be tough. But thanks to Pluto direct in your relationship sector on the 3rd, you'll finally be able to see all the ways that your romantic, creative, and platonic companions have helped you grow. Under the Aries full moon in your career zone on the 13th, you realize their support has helped you achieve a new level of success that you wouldn't have expected to achieve a year or even a few months ago! Say thanks and enjoy the applause.

Once the sun moves into your fun-loving fifth house on the 23rd, take some time to celebrate those accomplishments! You work hard, and under the Scorpio new moon on the 27th, the stars want you to play hard, too. Finding the balance between business and pleasure can be complicated, especially after Mercury retrograde starts in the same area of your chart on the 31st, but you're lucky to be in a position where you love what you do. Over the next 3 months, you learn how to keep both in check.

The stars are quiet for you this month, but under the Aries full moon in your expansion sector on the 13th, expect the boundaries of your comfort zone to be tested! Whether it's a trip abroad to somewhere totally new, a class that tests your mental limits, or a conversation that challenges your personal philosophy, it's a heart-opening experience that keeps you honest.

Once the sun enters your home, family, and emotions zone on the 23rd, all you'll want to do is curl up on the couch with hot tea, hygge-style. Under the Scorpio new moon on the 27th, a few witchy updates can make your home feel like a sanctuary, whether it's candles, a kitchen herb garden, or crystals on the mantle. With Mercury retrograde in the same sign on Halloween night, you realize home is more a feeling than a place. Over the next 3 weeks, you'll learn how to warm your heart no matter where you are.

When Mercury moves into your communication zone on the 3rd, take a more subtle approach to getting your point across. With your ruling planet in secretive Scorpio, you'll have the most success if you stay mostly behind the scenes. It's there for an extended stay-3 months to be exact-so expect whatever happens now to be a slow burn. Under the Aries full moon in your intense eighth house on the 13th, your instincts are spot-on. Whatever gets illuminated now is major, so keep your eyes wide open!

Once the sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd, you'll have some golden ideas for how to get your message out to a new audience, not to mention the ears of people in high places. Thanks to the Scorpio new moon on the 27th, a dialogue with a powerful mentor or VIP could reveal some surprising news. Mercury retrograde in the same part of your horoscope on Halloween night spends the next 3 weeks reshuffling your social decks, so don't be surprised if you see a few people cycle in and out between then and mid-November!

With Mars into your sign on the 4th, there's no getting around it-you have to fight for what you want! Fortunately, conflict is a normal part of any healthy connection, and with love goddess Venus boosting your self- and net worth from the 8th, you'll know exactly where you're willing to compromise (and where you aren't). Under the Aries full moon in your 13th, expect to have a seriously productive conversation with your crush, colleague, or best friend that draws a line in the sand.

Once the sun moves into your wealth zone on the 23rd, you'll be feeling luxurious. Under the Scorpio new moon on the 27th, find a way to balance your desire for the finer things in life with your long-term financial goals. Mercury retrograde in the same sign on Halloween night could bring up inner demons related to what you're worth, but once you face them down next month, they won't be coming back.

Striking the right balance of assertive and approachable may not have been easy lately, but with Pluto direct in your communication zone on the 3rd, you're finally able to express yourself with confidence. Thanks to smart Mercury into your sign that same day and charming Venus there from the 8th, you woo a new fan base and could even establish yourself as the authority on a subject!

When the Aries full moon illuminates your health and habits zone on the 13th, you establish routines that will help you climb the workplace ladder, whether it's strength training or a regular sleep schedule. With the sun into your sign on the 23rd and your personal new moon on the 27th, you're ready to make yourself over, body and soul. Mercury retrograde in your sign from Halloween night supports that endeavor and brings some eerie confirmations that you're on the right track. This birthday month, the universe has your back!

You'll have lucky Jupiter in your sign for the remainder of the fall, and this month, the stars are aligned for you to make the most of it! The Aries full moon on the 13th reminds you how important romance is. Honor your attractions, whether by reconnecting with your lover or with the art that make you feel butterflies in your stomach. The trick is learning how to carve out time in your busy schedule to prioritize that feeling, but you'll find a way to do it.

Once Scorpio season starts on the 23rd, take the next month to rest and recuperate. Jupiter's pushed you to do some amazing things in the past year, which means you've got a lot to process before you move into the next stage of your life. With a new moon in the same sign on the 27th and Mercury retrograde there from Halloween night, listen to your intuition, especially if it's telling you to slow down. No matter how much you'd like to, you don't have to do everything at once, Sagittarius.

Tired of doing twice the work for none of the credit? You'll finally reap the benefits of all that behind-the-scenes effort thanks to Pluto direct in your sign on the 3rd. Next, if you've been considering a move or home renovation, the Aries full moon on the 13th illuminates the perfect way to make it happen! It might take more leg work than you were expecting, but the end result will be gorgeous.

You're already a natural leader, but after the sun enters your groups sector on the 23rd, you'll find yourself rallying the troops around a cause that's close to your heart. Or, you could be granted entry into some exciting new social circles! Either way, expect power plays under the Scorpio new moon on the 27th. With Mercury retrograde into the same sign on Halloween night, it could be tough to distinguish between your own bad mood or a genuine intuition that something's awry. The antidote? Call on a trusted friend to help you up your self-care game over the next 3 weeks. You'll be so glad you did!

You're going to be in high demand this month, Aquarius! First, an Aries full moon in your social third house on the 13th stacks your calendar with impressive invitations. You love a good gathering, but remember that there's only so much time in a day. You'll be much happier if you're selective with your “yeses” and choose a few high-impact opportunities to connect with like-minded souls instead of trying to make it to everything.

Your popularity spikes as the sun moves into your professional zone on the 23rd, illuminating some major wins you've been waiting on all year-but with the intense Scorpio new moon on the 27th, it comes with a few growing pains. More success means more responsibility, but once Mercury retrograde begins on Halloween night, you start the 3 week process of learning how to balance it all.

There's so much to love about the motivating Aries full moon in your money zone on the 13th! You've worked hard to build up your bank account, and thanks to this moon, you'll get to enjoy another bump in your income, whether through a raise, promotion, or new job. Some people in your orbit might be jealous, but you won't mind-you'll already have your out-of-office message queued up so you can enjoy some much needed self-care.

That's especially true once the sun moves into your wanderlust zone on the 23rd! Now that you've had a taste of what's possible, you're feeling the urge to expand, whether by taking a trip, a class, or just a new approach to life. Under the Scorpio new moon, you're able to do exactly that, but it takes some adjusting. Once Mercury retrograde starts in the same sign on Halloween night, you spend the next 3 weeks shifting your priorities to be more true to you. It's not easy, but authenticity is always worth it.

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