These Living Rooms Will Convince You That Yours Needs a Fireplace ASAP

Everyone has different fantasies when it comes to their dream home. Some imagine a large backyard complete with a swimming pool and spa; others see a rustic mountain home with quaint details, and a select few dream of a home with a fireplace in the living room.

A fireplace in the living room is a modern luxury that boasts not only an envy-worthy style; it's also one of the most practical interior design additions to any home. Just picture yourself curled up on the couch, wrapped in a cozy throw blanket with a good book in hand, and a roaring fire ablaze nearby. It's the ultimate hygge dream.

Whether it's made of dramatic marble, sleek steel, rustic stone or exposed brick, it's sure to be a grand focal point of any living space. Plus, a fireplace mantle offers prime real estate to casually lean a piece of artwork or a mirror up against the wall with a chic, laissez-faire look.

So whether you already have a fireplace in your living room and are looking for some dГ©cor inspiration or you're still daydreaming about your future abode, keeping scrolling to take a look at 10 swoon-worthy living rooms, complete with a fireplace.

Catherine Kwong Design

This sleek, contemporary living room is located in the San Francisco Bay and boasts an impressive fireplace. Unlike more traditional fireplaces, this modern take on the design element features a floor to ceiling installation complete with bold white and gray marble. It's a stunning space with sharp, modern lines.

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Emily Henderson Design

With a view like this, the living room fireplace isn't even the focal point of the beautiful space. The room offers high ceilings exaggerated by the tall windows. Multiple wooden elements tie the space together, including the coffee table, a pair of leather chairs with wooden frames, the ceiling, and a tower of logs stored in a cozy nook in the wall next to the fireplace. Above the simple fireplace are two graphic wall art prints to complete the dynamic living room.

Katherine Carter

A large fireplace sits in the center of this Pacific Palisades living room, beneath a round mirror and surrounded by potted plants. The space feels warm and inviting, thanks to a myriad of thoughtful touches, including textured throw pillows, green botanicals, and natural wood accents like the exposed beams on the ceiling and window frames. It's not a bad spot to cozy up with a cup of tea near a crackling fire at the end of a long day.

Katie Martinez Design​

This Nantucket residence is brimming with charming, traditional dГ©cor with a chic farmhouse flair. It's obvious the fireplace is the star of this living room-it immediately catches your eye with the elegant herringbone design lining the inside of the furnace. Above the mantle, a round mirror hangs on the wall flanked by two small sconce lights. The furnishings are all tied together by a blue striped rug that matches the throw pillows and a porcelain stool, an excellent contrast with a red-orange upholstered coffee table.

Alyssa Rosenheck; DESIGN: Austin Bean Studio

For an entirely modern and dramatic look, consider a fireplace made of distressed steel like this one that extends from the floor, all the way up the tall ceilings. For an extra touch of innovation, rather than hold wooden logs to stoke a fire, this fireplace is filled with concrete spheres for a style unlike any other. It lends itself to the chic, modern nature of the rest of the space.

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Michael Keck for Emily Henderson DesignВ

This funky cottage-style living room is as cozy as it is elegant. Exposed dark wood beams on the ceilings contrast with the crisp white walls and work to frame the living area. While the sofa, coffee table, and accent chair each have their own design merits, it's the fireplace that truly catches the eye. It features an intricately carved design in an unusual shape that feels playful and eclectic.

Catherine Kwong Design

This living room is found in a small Jackson Square loft, yet it manages to pack in plenty of design elements worth noting. Situated next to a white fireplace mantle with arched and carved details, the 800-pound steel firewood holder makes this space truly special. In addition to the fireplace and firewood holder, there's also a chic, crystal chandelier, a vintage-looking leather chair, and a large mirror carefully placed on top of the mantle. Honestly, this living room feels like it could just as easily be located in a Parisian apartment.В

Sarah Sherman Samuel and Emily Farnham

A mid-century modern living room belonging to none-other-than Mandy Moore, this space has so many thoughtful decorations to love. However, the fireplace is what really counts. Originally the fireplace wall was the result of a renovation made to the room in the 90s, but the current look feels much more consistent with the mid-century modern aspects of the space. It's surrounded by thin white bricks that almost blend right into the wall and sits above a custom terrazzo bench, proof that a grand fireplace can also have a minimalistic vibe.

Max HumphreyВ

While you might associate living room fireplaces with wooden or marble materials, don't knock the artfully tiled fireplace look until you try it. This eclectic space proves how dynamic and visually interesting the design element can be. A small fireplace sits upon a black and white ledge and is surrounded by diamond-shaped tiling in the same achromatic color palette. The rest of the room includes a variety of colors, patterns, and textures for a truly maximalist look.

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Emily Henderson Design

This living room is a prime example of an updated modern traditional space. It features a neutral, textured rug to frame the room filled with stylish leather and wooden furniture. At the center of the far wall, in between floor to ceiling windows with navy shades, is a white fireplace. Above the mantle, the wall is styled with an orderly gallery wall. It's an incredibly well thought out space that leaves no corner unstyled.

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