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This Small Entryway Furniture Makes a Big Impact (Trust Us)

The front entryway is the first impression guests get from your home. Intentionally or not, it sets the tone for what's to come from the rest of your space. You want to make sure that it represents your style just as much as any other room in your home.

Luckily, all it takes is a few key pieces to make an entrance feel welcoming, look chic, and be fully functional, no matter how small, cramped, or awkward it is. When it comes to dressing up your foyer, the secret is to let the layout of the space guide your design.В

For instance, if your front entryway is more of a hallway, consider adding a runner-style rug to guide guests inside to the main areas of the home. Or, if all you have is a small nook, you may want to source a large wall mirror to create the illusion of more space. Hang it above a petite console table or bench to complete the look. You can also create more storage with a chic woven basket or wall hooks to keep a small space from feeling cluttered and create a place to hang coats and scarfs when you stumble in after a long day.

Ahead, shop 15 pieces of small entryway furniture that will make a good first impression (and won't blow your budget).

Project 62 Glasgow Metal Console Table in Black $90Shop

This small black console table offers an added shelf to hold all of your belongings, while also feeling minimalist. Style it with a few catchall dishes, a plant, and a mirror to hang above or lean against the top shelf.

Project 62 Round Decorative Wall Mirror $80Shop

This decorative wall mirror is just the thing for any front entrance or hallway. It's large enough to make a statement, and it creates the illusion of more space.

Zara Home Round Basket $50Shop

This chic basket acts as a stylish storage container. Leave it in the front entryway to collect shoes or other small items that would create clutter if left lying around.

Vasagle Industrial Coat Rack Shoe Bench $80Shop

The ultimate three-in-one space saver, this industrial find from Amazon acts as a coat rack, a shoe bench, and a storage shelf. It won't take up too much room and costs less than $100.

IKEA Stockholm Walnut Veneer Mirror $129Shop

A round wall mirror is just the thing to make a small front entryway feel larger than it actually is. Hang this modern mirror above a console table or storage bench to create a complete look.

Urban Outfitters Melody Rattan Storage Cabinet $379Shop

If you have space, a rattan storage cabinet like this one from Urban Outfitters would look welcoming in your front entryway. Not only is the design completely on-trend with curved details and natural material, but it's also functional.

Design Within Reach Arca Wall Board $395Shop

Even if floor space is limited in your front entryway, you can create storage with a hanging-shelf-and-mirror combo. This piece features a rectangular mirror and four individual cubbies, perfect for keeping keys and other small objects safe and accessible.

Threshold Open Strage Bench $195 $185Shop

This white, wooden bench is perfect for the front entryway. A cushioned seat offers a place to sit down and kick your shoes off at the end of the day with the added bonus of storage space underneath.

Zara Home Convex Basket with Handles $50Shop

This woven basket is perfect for a front entryway in need of a bit of extra storage. The jute material looks relaxed and casual and it can be used to store shoes, throw blankets, or even umbrellas by the door.

Design Within Reach Sko Shoe Rack $265Shop

This simple shoe rack boasts a Scandinavian flair that would look chic in your front entrance. It's ideal for storing shoes, books, or other decorative items without cramping your style.

Urban Outfitters Naousa Woven Rug $129Shop

This natural, woven runner is perfect for a house or apartment that opens up into a narrow hallway. It adds texture and style your guests will appreciate from the first step they take into your home.

Project 62 Sayer White Console Table $140Shop

A modern console table courtesy of Project 62, this piece would fit into any small entryway. It features a white top, gold base, and wooden shelf for storage that won't feel cluttered. Finish off the look by hanging a mirror or piece of artwork above the table.

IKEA Arkelstorp Black Console Table $99Shop

With a half-moon shape and an extra shelf, this console table is just the thing for a tiny entryway. There's just enough room for your keys and a few decorative objects on the top, while a second shelf can hold onto things like unopened mail and magazines.

Threshold Quatrefoil Gold Finish Decorative Wall Mirror $45Shop

This scalloped wall mirror features a gold finish and a unique shape that would look stylish hanging above a small table or bench in the front entryway.

IKEA Tjusig White Bench with Shoe Storage $60Shop

For a place to store shoes, jackets, and other accessories, this white bench from IKEA gets the job done.

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