We're Swooning Over This Affordable New Leather Sofa

Burrow, the innovative furniture company that's trying to make couches easier to buy, just debuted its new line-the culmination of two years of customer feedback on the company's direct-to-consumer, easy-to-build sofa. The Nomad Collection features thoughtful changes to the brand's hero product in form and comfort-pieces in the range are even easier to assemble than before, and feature softer cushions (with more crowing added on top) and an even lower low-arm option, which was specifically re-designed to be easier to sleep on.


But what we're most excited about is the brand's new leather line, which includes all of Burrow's styles-from arm chair to king sofa-and comes in at quite a reasonable price range. The pieces are made from top-grain Italian leather and are each available in Chestnut and Slate.

В Burrow

The modular nature of Burrow's pieces posed an interesting challenge during development: making sure that customers could still expand or augment their couches with new pieces later without experiencing the visual variations common in leather. "We did extensive testing with our Italian tannery to make sure that we were able to create aВ top-grain leather whose coloring and quality could be seamlesslyВ reproduced," said Kabeer Chopra, Burrow's co-founder and chief product officer. "That ensures customers will be able to easily add modules without worrying about uniformity."

Burrow В Burrow

Burrow's couches are designed and manufactured in the US and ship within just 10 days (yes-you can get a beautiful couch in 10 days, not months). Our empty living room corner is suddenly looking like a sweet spot for a the leather Club Chair! Check out the collection below.

Burrow Nomad Club Chair $895.00ShopBurrow Nomad Leather Love Seat $1495.00ShopBurrow Nomad Leather Sofa $1995.00ShopBurrow Nomad Leather King Sectional $3395.00Shop