These Might Just Be the Best Bathrooms Ever Posted on Instagram

Although the bathroom may not seem like the most exciting room to decorate, it's an essential space that deserves as much attention as the bedroom and living areas in your home. It's where you prep for the day and unwind for the evening and whether you have an expansive space or tight quarters, there are plenty of ways to make it feel like a luxurious retreat.

If you're looking for a bit of inspiration, look no further than the Instagram profiles of interior designers, stylists, and photographers. We recently took it upon ourselves to scour the accounts of a few of our favorite interior design pros and there were more than a few bathrooms that stopped us mid-scroll.

Ahead, be inspired by eight of the best bathrooms we found on Instagram. From all-white, minimalist spaces to rooms covered in colorful tiles and fun designs, these bathrooms will have you ready to redecorate.


Can you picture a more relaxing spot to take a bubble bath? This image was posted by photographer Amy Bartlam and was designed by Katie Hodges. Natural wicker shades cover a large window that opens up to lush greenery outside. The window perfectly frames a free-standing bathtub with an old-fashioned water facet and a wooden stool sits next to the tub to hold spare towels and soap. It's an all-white space contrasted by gorgeous floor tiles to give in a touch of visual interest.


This rustic bathroom is located in a mountain ranch home designed by Nicole Davis Interiors and photographed by Alyssa Rosenheck. A vaulted ceiling is accented by exposed wood beams and offers a place to hang a glamorous crystal chandelier. The free-standing tub provides a stunning view of the forest outside and sits next to a cylindrical wooden stool on top of subtle, white tiling.


Photographer Tessa Neustadt shot this space designed by Allprace Properties for Courtney Poulos. Dark stone flooring contrasts with the white plaster walls and tub for a look that rivals a five-star spa. Perhaps the most functional element of this bathroom is the built-in shelf above the tub designed to hold essentials without taking up space in this small room.


We stumbled upon this bathroom on designer Haley Weidenbaum's Instagram profile and it's a looker. A modern tub sits beneath a unique light fixture which is just one of the many wooden, natural elements that tie the space together, including a bench, a decorative (yet functional) ladder, and a tray that balances on the tub. Additionally, the white room gets just a pop of color from the small, hexagonal floor tiles.


For something unexpected and original, a black clawfoot bathtub is in order. This stunning space was designed by Katie Hodges and photographed by Haris Kenjar. An indoor potted plant towers over the bold tub, creating a soothing, relaxing atmosphere made for lounging in a bubble bath while wicker shades add to the natural elements of the space.


Interior designer Ginny Macdonald posted this light and bright bathroom photographed by Tessa Neustadt. It features blue and white floor tiles in a sunburst pattern that works beautifully with the wooden cabinetry, white walls, and marble walk-in shower. The small plant on the counter adds just a pop of green while black wall sconces match the rounded rectangular mirrors on the wall.


This guest bathroom posted by Molly Madfis is proof that small spaces can feel just as luxurious as large ones. The tiny space feels a bit bigger thanks to a large circular mirror hung on the wall above the sinks. Light wooden cabinets sit underneath the white counter and match the shelves above the toilet. There's even room for a few small vases filled with dried plants and succulents to play up the desert chic look.


We came across this dreamy space on Nina Freudenberger's Instagram profile. The room was designed by Vanessa Alexander and shot by Brittany Ambridge for Freudenberger's book, Surf Shack. As far as bathrooms go, this one is over-the-top in the best way. It features a floor-to-ceiling ladder-shaped installation fit for holding spare towels in style. Of course, a potted plant sits in the corner next to a fireplace. Abstract art hangs on the wall, working with the long drapes and a contemporary black stool to add to the drama of the space. We certainly wouldn't mind taking a bath here.

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