PSA: These 7 IKEA Entryway Ideas Are Interior Designer-Approved

To no one's surprise, we here at MyDomaine are infatuated with IKEA. While we admittedly love scrolling through the Swedish retail giant's new-arrivals section, culling through the brand's extensive 12,000 product inventory in search of true gems can be quite an undertaking. Which is why we often seek out product recommendations from the pros (aka interior designers).

In search of the best IKEA buys for styling a welcoming entryway, we asked Kerry Vasquez of Kerry Vasquez Design, Anna Claudia Schultz of Ana Claudia Design, Emma Beryl of Emma Beryl Interiors, Rayman Boozer of Apartment 48, Ariel Okin of Ariel Okin Interiors, Max Humphrey of Max Humphrey Design, and Homepolish designer Sone Ehabe to share their top IKEA entryway ideas. Keep scrolling to shop each of their capsule collections. (Spoiler alert: They're good.)

Kerry Vasquez

В Madeline Tolle; DESIGN: Kerry Vasquez Design IKEA Frosta Stool $15Shop

“The Frosta Stool is style icon in my humble opinion. You can find much more expensive versions of this stool at other Scandinavian design stores for a lot more money and they look virtually the same! Also, everyone needs a place to take shoes on and off, so why not choose something simple, classic and beautiful for that purpose?”

IKEA Stockholm Mirror $129Shop

“Honestly, the last time I was at IKEA, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this mirror. It's gorgeous and I'm dying to use it in a project! I'm a firm believer in having a mirror in your entryway to give yourself one last look before you walk out the door. Mirrors also bounce light which makes a space brighter and therefore seem bigger, which is great for smaller spaces like an entryway! I love the detail of the wider lip at the bottom of this mirror as well as the elegant wood frame. So good!”

IKEA Lohals Rug $30Shop

“The Lohals flatweave rug is another timeless piece I honestly think could work in almost anyone's entryway. The rug is 100% jute which is a natural material that is incredibly durable, wears well and is also recyclable. Win, win, win. Just make sure to use a rug pad underneath so it doesn't slip around and drive you crazy or cause any accidents!”

IKEA Satsumas Plant Stand $30Shop

“I am obsessed with the Satsumas line from IKEA, all these plant stands are so cute, but my favorite is the tripod configuration. I love that IKEA is choosing to use more natural materials like steel and birch for this planter. That has always been my biggest gripe with IKEA-great lines, great design, not so great materials and that is where the quality gets sacrificed. But not anymore!”В

IKEA Aloe Vera Potted Plant $5Shop

“Their live plants! Before you leave, grab a bunch of their live plants for your home. You will find the same quality as at your local nursery or Home Depot for literally a fraction of the cost. Next time you're in the market from some good house plants, don't forget IKEA!”

Anna Claudia Schultz

В Sarah Sherman Samuel IKEA Sinnerling Pendant $70Shop

"Hello, this is who I am, says the statement pendant. When you add a statement pendant it gives guests an intro to who you are and what we are walking into.”

IKEA Bild Posters $12Shop

“Put a smile on your face every time you walk in with a large statement art piece. It also gives guests a peak to what your style and color palette will be.”

IKEA Sammanhang Wall Shelf $13Shop

“For a small narrow entry, you can opt for a shelf instead of a console table. It gives you enough of a surface to style, drop keys and anchor with a piece of art above.”

IKEA Soderup Rug $30Shop

“A runner adds texture, pattern, and protects your floor from wet shoes and debris. This natural seagrass runner has a lot of texture and a bit of pattern that fits into many design styles.”

IKEA Ypperlig Bench $39Shop

“Functional and decorative, stools and benches such as these are sculptural, ergonomic and durable. Add a few pillows for extra decor.”

Emma Beryl

В Amy Bartlam; DESIGN: Carly Waters Style IKEA Stockholm Mirror $129Shop

“It's always nice having a mirror in the entry so that you can do one last check before you walk out the door. This one is great for a small space because the deep ledge doubles as a shelf for your keys. It also comes in both walnut and ash so it's versatile for any space. I would place this over an entry console styled with a catch-all tray and a pop of greenery.”

IKEA Lurt / Gubbarp Rack $5Shop

“I love this simple storage solution for an entry. Closet space can be limited, so having an accessible place to hang your coat right when you walk in saves time and space. This piece blends right into the wall and should be placed close to the entry door. If possible, hang your lighter/airier pieces here such as jean jackets, hats, tote bags, etc. Hide your heavier pieces in closed storage if possible to keep your entry from feeling cluttered and messy.”

IKEA Mackapär Shoe/Storage Cabinet $70Shop

“This cabinet offers closed shoe storage as well as a surface narrow enough to fit in most small entryways. Its clean aesthetic makes it both stylish and functional. I would style the surface of this piece with a small tray for knick-knacks and florals. I would also love to hang a mirror, artwork, or a bulletin board above it for daily reminders before you leave the house!”

IKEA FlГҐdis Basket $10Shop

“You can't go wrong with this floor basket to put your hats, gloves, scarfs, etc. in! It adds a natural element to your space and is super functional for those items you need on the go. Place this basket on either side or underneath your console table for easy access.”В

IKEA NymГҐne $55Shop

“Adding accent lighting to an entry is a great way to make it feel welcoming. I like the modern lines of this table lamp because it looks timeless and is easy to pair other elements with. Place this on either side of your console with stacked books, tray and/or decorative objects to create a layered look.”

Rayman Boozer

Amy Bartlam; DESIGN: Open House L.A.В IKEA Hemnes Console $249Shop

“A table helps define your entryway. The Hemnes console is a great, practical piece that can hold shoes, magazines, or books and the grey finish works with any color scheme.”

IKEA Stockholm Mirror $129Shop

“A mirror over your entry table is classic, and the Stockholm mirror adds a fun, modern flair.”

IKEA Raklev Rug $35Shop

“The Raklev runner gives off both vintage and fresh vibes. I love the flashes of color and the natural jute hues look great on almost any flooring. It's also a great bargain!”

IKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp $130Shop

“The PS 2014 pendant creates an impressive, dramatic introduction. The copper detailing is beautiful and creates a warm, glowing effect.”

IKEA Livsverk Vase $13Shop

“I'd place this vase on the entry table with fresh flowers or tall branches. Decorative accessories are the perfect way to add some color and character to your entryway.”

Ariel Okin

В Sarah Sherman Samuel IKEA Snidad Basket $28Shop

“This is a fun rattan basket, which would add the perfect punch of texture to a space while remaining practical as a place to corral shoes or stray items.”

IKEA Arkelstorp Console $99Shop

“I love demilune consoles for their versatility and ability to fit in most spaces. This simple white one can be easily dressed up with some chinoiserie jars, a beautiful candle and some coffee table books to make for a welcoming entrance foyer.”

IKEA Saltröd Mirror $60Shop

“This mirror's striking shade of yellow is a happy pop of color to welcome guests as they walk in the door. Plus, a place to hang keys, bags, dog leashes, etc.!”

IKEA Tänkvärd Rug $30Shop

“I utilize natural fiber rugs a ton in my projects, and this one keeps it interesting with a subtle weave of cobalt and some fringe. Plus, it's durable enough to withstand foot traffic in the front of the home.”

IKEA Knixhult Pendant Lamp $40Shop

“A foyer needs good lighting, and this woven bamboo and white plaster fixture is a showstopper.”

Sone Ehabe

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Jess Bunge for Emily Henderson DesignВ IKEA BestГҐ $330Shop

“This console has clean lines and amazing storage space. Pair it with large scale artwork on an art ledge above with a matching frame is so pretty but simple. The floating aspect also makes the ceilings appear taller.”

IKEA Satsumas Plant Stand $30Shop

“This plant stand adds depth and the height differences creates visual interest and gives you the opportunity to use a ton of greenery.”

IKEA Kattrup Rug $99Shop

“The pattern is fantastic and there is just enough color to give you inspiration throughout the rest of the space and the flat weave is a good way to disguise dirt from outside.”

IKEA Möckelby Bench $199Shop

“It's simple, and classic, it's also the perfect place to take your shoes off and store the underneath neatly. You can also place a few of your favorite books or lean artwork offset to one side of it.”

Max Humphrey

В Max Humphrey IKEA Pinnig Coat Rack $89Shop

“I'd hang all my denim jackets and cowboy hats and stuff on this hall tree. It would be great in a rental apartment where something more built-in would be out of the question.”

IKEA Stockholm Mirror $129Shop

“Every entry needs a big round mirror so you can check out your hair before you leave the house.”

IKEA Ypperlig Bench $39Shop

“This bench is skinny enough to fit in the most narrow of spaces. I dig the blonde wood and dowel legs.”

IKEA Maglarp $40Shop

“Good lighting is everything. I switched out the light fixtures in every apartment I ever rented (and then switched them back when I moved out). This schoolhouse inspired pendant light would add sparkle to any entry.”

IKEA Ugilt Rug $25Shop

“This flat weave runner is ideal for an entry because it's easy to clean and it looks super chic in a modern or traditional setting.”

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