Target's New Kid's Furniture Line Has a Twist-And It's a Game-Changer

It's no secret that Target's in-house brands deliver on high-quality home dГ©cor and furnishings that are as stylish as they are affordable. While you might already be familiar with the retailer's popular home brands like mid-century modern-inspiredВ Project 62, eclectic Opalhouse, and Chip and Joanna Gaines' Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, Target also boasts an adorable home brand for kids dubbed Pillowfort. The brand first launched back in 2016 and has made a name for itself in the kids home dГ©cor space (and for good reason). The offerings are practical, stylish, and designed with kids in mind.

After learning that sensory-friendly home furnishings for kids are often quite expensive or not designed to fit in all homes, Target took it upon itself to create unique pieces for kids with sensory sensitivities. The result is Pillowfort's latest launch of nearly 20 sensory-friendly products that are as affordable and stylish as you'd expect from any of Target's in-house brands. Think playful floor pillows, cozy bean bag chairs, innovative rocking chairs, and indoor tents, all designed with special features fit for kids with sensory sensitivities.

If you're looking for kids' furniture made for real life, keep reading to shop our edit of the brand's newest products.

Pillowfort Sensory-Friendly Hideaway Tent $50Shop

This indoor tent makes for the perfect hideaway for any kid. It's large enough to fit small kids furniture like a desk or chair and it even comes with cord ports so children can plug in their devices inside the tent. Kids will love hanging out in the fun, secluded space.

Pillowfort Pineapple Sensory Floor Cushion in Yellow $30Shop

Give your kids a soft cushion to sit on or snuggle with. This one comes in a fun pineapple shape that any child would be hard-pressed to resist and the best part is that it's completely machine-washable for easy clean up when messes strike.

Pillowfort Supportive Chair with Pocket and Ottoman $100Shop

Not your average bean bag chair, this supportive chair comes with an ottoman for a cozy, comfy place for any kid to hang out and relax in. It also features pockets on the side of the chair to easily hold anything that might be important for your child.

Pillowfort Crash Pad $50Shop

This crash pad was designed for kids with a whole lot of energy. It creates a safe space for children to release some energy by jumping around or where they can relax on a soft cushion when they get tired out.

Pillowfort Sensory-Friendly Rocking Activity Chair $50Shop

A rocking chair to put your child at ease, this piece of sensory-friendly furniture comes in a muted shade of violet. Its shape allows for easy rocking and its material was designed to simply be wiped clean.

Pillowfort Star Floor Cushion in Yellow $30Shop

Another adorable floor pillow for your little one, this cushion features a playful star shape and a bright yellow color. It can provide comfort for your child when they're traveling or when they're just spending time at home.

Pillowfort Sensory-Friendly Cocoon Seat $75Shop

Sitting in this velvet, fluffy chair is like sitting in a cloud. Kids will love the soft material and parents will love the liquid-resistant liner that protects the inside of the chair from spills or other accidents. It's the perfect place for little ones to curl up with a book or game.

Pillowfort Sensory-Friendly Rocking Desk Chair $80Shop

Rather than a typical desk chair, give your child a rocking desk chair like this one that allows kids to rock back and forth while they do their homework and other projects.

Pillowfort Hexagon Floor Cushion $30Shop

A simple floor pillow, this cushion features a hexagon design. Its shape is perfect for connecting the pillow with other cushions for kids to create larger play areas for themselves and friends. It comes in pink, navy, and gray.

Pillowfort Sensory-Friendly Water-Resistant Bean Bag $70Shop

This unique bean bag allows little ones to shape it into whatever position makes them the most comfortable. It's covered in a soft, velvet material that will feel soft and cozy to kids and a removable, washable cover makes it easy for parents to clean.

Pillowfort Sensory Support Pillow with Pocket $45Shop

For ultimate comfort, your kids will want this large, U-shaped support pillow. It was specifically designed to encourage a cradle-effect that will create comfortable boundaries for children. There are also pockets for holding kids' belongings or for keeping their hands occupied.

Pillowfort Flower Floor Cushion in Pink $30Shop

Kids will love this sweet, flower-shaped floor pillow. It's perfect for cuddling up with or sitting on while playing on the floor.

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