6 IKEA Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas for 'Grammable Shelves

When it comes to functional essentials for every room, budget, and interior dГ©cor style, there's one Scandinavian retailer that manages to reign supreme. (Can you guess?). We consistently find ourselves pointing to IKEA for everything from affordable furniture for starter abodes to expensive-looking dГ©cor for first apartments, so it's no wonder that the fashion-favored Swedish brand tends to be our go-to for every minor and major home project.

Blame it on our social media feeds (where we're constantly double-tapping images of pristinely-lined canned beans and sleek jars of pasta and cereals), but one seasonal organization overhaul we're finding ourselves embarking on is one that involves our kitchen shelves. It's a daunting undertaking if you're starting from scratch, which is why we recently tapped Los Angeles-based professional organizer Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral to share her top IKEA kitchen pantry organization ideas.

"Every space is different, and we really like to focus on our clients' personal needs and how we can set up a space where function and aesthetics cohesively meet and make sense for their lifestyle," says Robin. "When embarking on a pantry overhaul, think about your routine: What is grabbed most often and least often? Keep in mind everyone in the household, too. The goal is to create a functional flow and systems that are easily maintainable, making sure everything is visible, and that everything has a home."

Up ahead, find Robin's guide to reorganizing your entire kitchen pantry as well as her top IKEA product picks for getting those sundries sorted-your 'grammable pantry awaits.

Life in Jeneral

Have a Game Plan

Nobody ever said embarking on a complete kitchen pantry overhaul would be easy-or quick, for that matter. You may already have all of your favorite pantry designs Pinned, but first, you'll need to have a concrete concept of the actual space you'll be working with. "Measure your space to help decide what bins will work for your area," she says. "And don't forget to measure the depth and height of each shelf as well as the overall space."

Edit Your Pantry

Just as you would KonMari your closet, it's also key to edit down your pantry to ingredients and items you'll actually use. "Categorize all like items together and toss expired items," says Robin. If you're tight on storage space, this is the time to give away or donate any canned goods and other foods that you have more than enough.

Put Everything in Its Place

Once you've cleared off and measured your shelves, it's time to get your pantry in order-but don't start restocking just yet. Robin recommends labeling sticky notes to represent each category, then placing them on shelves so you can get a better idea of where everything will go as well as how many extra bins and which organizational accessories you'll need to buy.

As you're planning the placement of pantry items, Robin explains that "most-used items should be at eye level," while least-used items can be stored higher up or down low. Keep in mind that large heavy baskets should be lower and glass jars and less bulky items should be higher up. And don't forget to consider the height of everyone in your household when considering the placement of everything.

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Label, Label, Label

You've got all of your organizing bins, your spice rack's in order, and your favorite breakfast munchies are perfectly displayed in a row-so what's next? Among Robin's top IKEA kitchen pantry organization tips is to "label bins, jars, anything that can be labeled. This will help everyone know where things belong and be easier to maintain," says Robin.

IKEA Г–rtfylld spice jar, pack of two $3Shop

"Using the same jars elevates your spices to the next level."

IKEA Variera Box $4.50Shop

"This bin is great for categorizing snacks, breakfast, grains, and more. We love a simple bin that makes everything really accessible. You can also use a dry erase marker and label straight on the bin."

IKEA MГҐla whiteboard pens, pack of 4 $4Shop

These whiteboard markers are "great for labeling," especially when you want to write directly on a plastic bin or glass container, says Robin.

IKEA Risatorp wire basket $13Shop

This compact mesh basket offers the right amount of ventilation for storing fruits and veggies outside of the fridge, says Robin.

Ditch Bulky Packaging

Robin also suggests removing items out of bulky packaging: "This will save on space and be more aesthetically pleasing," she says. Not only will your attractive pantry be easier to access, but ditching the cardboard boxes will also give you a better visual idea of which foods and ingredients are in need of a restock.

IKEA Dry food jar with lid $5Shop

"These jars make nuts and snacks accessible, keep food fresh, and make it easy to see when it needs to be refilled."

IKEA Korken jar with lid $4Shop В Life in Jeneral

Use Every Corner

You don't have to stuff every inch of your kitchen pantry with a mason jar-but you should think about how to use your space as efficiently as possible. Remember, the goal is to make it easier to reach for ingredients and supplies, not clutter your shelves with unnecessary bins and containers (or play a game of pantry Jenga in the process).

IKEA Snudda lazy susan $13Shop

"We love using a lazy susan for oils, cans, and especially in hard-to-reach corners."

IKEA Variera shelf insert $6Shop

"These are great at maximizing vertical space and eliminates stacking. You can use for cans, bins, as well as plates, bowls, and cups."

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