Zara Home's "Special Prices" Section Is Amazing (But It Randomly Disappears)

Zara Home

Every time we get a newsletter update from Zara Home, we drop what we're doing and refresh theВ "new in" section to shop the latest offerings. But as any avid online shopper knows, the "new" label often comes with a higher price tag-especially as we transition between seasons. Considering we always check theВ Special Prices section on Zara, we decided to scan Zara Home's navigation for that same glimmer of hope (for our wallets, that is).В

Lo and behold, nestledВ at the very end of the navigation underneath the editorials was Zara Home's very ownВ Special Prices section. For the uninitiated, Special Prices is an ever-evolving collection of pieces that fall below the standard Zara or Zara Home price point-they're not necessarily sale pieces, just more budget-friendly right off the bat. The tab seems to move around the navigation and come and go as it pleases, so it's best to bookmark it for future use. Right now, the section seems to be populated with bedding from Zara Home's recent Mauve editorial, but it constantly evolves based on new launches. Shop our favorite piece from the current Special Prices offerings below:В

Zara Home Flecked Knit Blanket $119 $80ShopZara Home Striped Digital Print Pillowcase $40 $26ShopZara Home Raised Stripe Cotton Towels $15Shop