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Burrow Just Launched Its First Ever Rug Collection at Shockingly Affordable Prices

When Burrow first launched in 2017, the Philadelphia based direct-to-consumer brand started with just a simple sofa. Just two years later they are quickly establishing themselves as a major player in the home design world, adding loveseats, armchairs, ottomans, a sleeper kit, a sectional, and even accessories like pillows and throw blankets. Now, the hugely popular brand is entering the realm of floor coverings with the launch of their first-ever rug collection.В

The assortment of eight quintessential rugs, designed to fit any lifestyle are “curated based on real-life use cases, making it easier for people to understand the unique qualities of each in order to choose the right one for their home,” the company explains in a press release. “The collection ranges from functional to fashionable and includes everything from kid- and pet-friendly styles, natural and recycled options, luxurious, plush textures as well as practical, low-maintenance designs.”

Before developing the line, Burrow turned to its customer base and asked them about the rug-buying experience. Many people revealed that it was seriously frustrating (uh, yep!) as there are too many options, confusing pricing, inconsistent quality, and long ship times. Because their mission is to make our lives a whole lot easier, the team set out to simplify the experience.

“When we approach new products, we ask what our customers need,” Evan Clabots, VP of Product at Burrow, explains. “We know that shopping for rugs online can be difficult-so we've developed a purposeful assortment considering both style and functionality, and clearly communicated the benefits of each. We have something for each person's lifestyle. Whether you have pets or entertain often, Burrow is here to guide you through the process.”

In order to create the line of high quality rugs, Burrow partnered with a unique network of weaving houses in India with a 100-year history in rug making. Each rug is crafted by the artisans from scratch, hand-weaved using traditional techniques. They also ensure ethical sourcing and a high standard of working conditions to produce the high-quality rugs.

Each of the eight rugs is available in two sizes -5 feet x 8 feet and 8 feet x 10 feet-thoughtfully proportioned to work with Burrow's furniture collections. They are also shockingly affordable for a high-quality rug-$395 for the smaller size and $795 for the larger.

Take a look at the eight designs below.

Burrow Empire Rug $395+Shop

This statement rug features interlocking diamonds, and is 100% wool with a blended cut and loop pile construction. Whether your style is coastal cool, mid-century modern, or retro glam, it could totally workВ

Burrow Prairie Modern Rug $395+Shop

This tufted wool viscose rug with a blended cut and loop pile construction references the unique stained-glass designs of American mid-century modernism.В

Burrow Playa Rug $395+Shop

This disco-inspired pattern, created through alternating cut and loop piles, will definitely liven up your home. This hand-tufted rug is a blend of wool and viscose and features a warm, eclectic style-perfect for any Bohemian motif.В

Burrow Amber Waves Rug $395+Shop

A great low-maintenance option, this rug is made from recycled polyester, making it super durable and easy to clean. It's also perfect for a home with young children, as the hand-tufted construction is still soft and easy on the baby's knees. The gentle, honey design-created through alternating cut and loop piles-works well with any interior design style.

Burrow Earl Grey Rug $395+Shop

Another low-maintenance option, this rug looks hand-knotted but is incredibly durable and made from easy-to-clean recycled polyester. The light gray is a neutral, grounding color, which will work in almost every home.В

Burrow Cape House Rug $395+Shop

Got pets and kids? Burrow boasts that this is one of their most durable, low maintenance, and easy-to-clean rugs. The heathered micro chevron pattern is subtle and versatile, and the recycled polyester flat weave is even puppy-proof, so you don't have to worry about animal claws tearing your rug.

Burrow Cabana Rug $395+Shop

Another of their most durable, low maintenance, and easy-to-clean rugs, this Boho chic design is made from stain-proof fibers that'll stand up to anything.

Burrow Ridge Rug $395+Shop

This gorgeous shag tufted wool rug is made in the style of the Beni Ouarain tribes of Morocco, who are some of the most renowned artisan rugmakers in the world. The zig-zag pattern is totally unique, while the rug itself is extremely soft and plush-perfect for lounging on in front of the fire.

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