Zara Home's New Line Made Us Feel Instantly Happier (No Purchase Necessary)

Courtesy of Zara Home

When you think of the summer season, images of sunshine, lemonade, and cheery flowers likely come to mind. That's exactly what the creatives behindВ Zara Home's latest lineup of fresh productsВ seem to have beenВ thinking of when they came up with this batch of home dГ©cor pieces, dubbed Zest for Life.

The products include bedding, bath, and kitchen essentials and accessories, all of which feature designs fitting for the season ahead. Think duvet covers embroidered with delicate mimosa flowers, bright yellow and white checked gingham tablecloths, and lemon-shaped placemats sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

If you've been itching toВ refresh your home for the warmer months ahead, consider this collection your one-stop-shop for all things bright, playful, and inspired by the outdoors. From small kitchenwares and kitschyВ accessories to natural dГ©cors and bold bedding, it's everything you need to embrace summer in your home.

Keep reading to shop ourВ edit of the latest pieces from Zara Home and for tips on how to style each of them.

Zara Home Duvet Cover with Embroidered Mimosa $119Shop

Remove your heavy blankets and knitted throw pillows from your bedroom and replace your winter bedding with something a bit lighter for spring and summer. This white duvet cover is dotted with small embroidered mimosa flowers for just a subtle hint nature. It looks as fresh and playful as the real thing.

Zara Home Wool Blanket Contrasting Border $119Shop

If you're not ready to rid your home of all throw blankets just yet, infuse your space with color by displaying this wool blanket in a soft, muted shade of yellow. It's neutral enough to work year-round, though it could serve as a welcome refresh from darker winter tones this time of year.

Zara Home Round Woven Basket $70Shop

This woven basket made of natural materials evokes the simplicity of summer. It looks raw and effortless. Use it to store away unused blankets and pillows during the warmer months in the living room or bedroom or store it in the bathroom to hold spare towels.

Zara Home Gingham Check Tablebloth $26Shop

Just in time for months spent picnicking outside on grassy lawns at the park, on sandy hills at the beach, or on patio tables in the backyard, a gingham check tablecloth. This yellow and white piece will liven up any spread and can be used on a table or on just about any other surface.

Zara Home Oval Metal Table $139Shop

This oval metal table looks sophisticated and timeless. It would look luxe situated as a side table next to the couch in the living room.

Zara Home Lemon-Shaped Placemat $20Shop

A rather obvious nod to summer, this lighthearted placemat is not only shaped like a fresh lemon, but it's also designed to look just like one. Spread a few out on your kitchen table to instantly kick off the new season.

Zara Home Frayed Linen Bedspread $249Shop

This frayed linen bedspread comes in a rich terra cotta shade of orange. Use it to top your bedding and give your room a fresh, new look.

Zara Home Oval Bamboo Sun Mirror $70Shop

This piece pairs the bright and cheerful shape of a sunburst mirror with a trending rattan material. The result is a beautiful wall hangingВ reminiscent of summer sunshine and fitting for the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom.

Zara Home Sunflower Print Duvet Cover $70Shop

If you're looking for bedding that's a bit more expressive, opt for this sunflower print duvet. Although the design is sophisticated and realistic, the bright hue of the sunflowers will turn any bedroom into a blossoming garden.

Zara Home Lemon Print Tablecloth $70Shop

Decorate the kitchen or dining room table with this patterned tablecloth. It features vines of lemons and flowers in a dynamic print.

Zara Home Pillowcase with Contrasting Sateen Border $20Shop

ThisВ otherwise plain white pillowcase becomes far more interesting thanks to the yellow, sateen border. Use it to spruce up an all-white duvet or to create a bold look with other patterns and prints.

Zara Home Floral Porcelain Salad Bowl $10Shop

For the kitchen, a floral porcelain salad bowl. It's painted in a muted shade of yellow with a slender lining of green on the top. White daisies trim the bowl for a fresh, springtime look.В

Zara Home 300-Thread-Count Sateen Duvet Cover $100Shop

For a truly bold bedroom moment, go for this yellow and white striped sateen duvet cover. Not for minimalists, it will bring color and energy into your space.

Zara Home Textured Ceramic Vase $36Shop

This simple vase is made of ceramic materials and appears textured and asymmetrical. It's a chic piece ideal for holding delicate spring blooms.

Zara Home Lemon-Shaped Porcelain Salt Shaker $10Shop

Add a bit of fun to your tabletop with this lemon-shaped porcelain salt shaker. It's whimsical and would look sweet on any spring or summer tablescape.

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