Interior Designers Won't Be Decorating With These Trends in 2019

As home dГ©cor editors, we're always interested in what interior designers have to say, whether they're recommending the best white paints, sharing their affordable home dГ©cor picks, orВ offering up invaluable design advice. Although we've already shared our own trend predictions for 2019, we had to know which dated 2018 trends interior designers are deeming "out" and which they're regarding as "in" for 2019.

Just in time for the New Year, we tapped Decorist's celebrity designers Chloe Warner, Max Humphrey, Massucco Warner Miller, and Jonathan Rachman to weigh in on which dГ©cor trends are on the way out in 2019. Bid farewell to waning fads, stale shades, and oversaturated styles and say hello to a fresh crop of trends to try instead. Think bold artwork, customized furniture, and bright, colorful wallpaper.

Ahead,В fourВ Decorist celebrity designers reveal the 2018 dГ©cor trends they want to leave behind and the interior design trends of 2019 they can't wait to see.

Courtesy of Chloe Warner

Out: Minimal Swedish interiors

"Don't get me wrong, I like them too, but it's such an easy look to do for a small amount of money," observes Decorist celebrity designer Chloe Warner. "It's already reached a saturation point for me, and I think people are interested in seeing new things."

In: Personalizing your space

"One of my favorite things is when people don't impersonally decorate," says the designer. "Instead, they assemble or display three or five objects they love on the mantel, or on a shelf, or on a wall."

Christopher Rothko Rothko $40 $28ShopTricia Y. Paik Ellsworth Kelly $60Shop Courtesy of Chole Warner

Out: Black grout

"Again with the saturation," laments Warner. "It's such an easy thing to do, it doesn't cost anything, and thus… it's everywhere."

In: Greenery

"Greenery never goes out of style," says the designer. "Plants can make a studio feel less lonely or a mansion feel full of oxygen and friends. Ficus, philodendron, and ferns are a few terrific indoor options-make sure not to stop at one."

The Sill Philodendron Green in August Planter $39ShopThe Sill Bird's Nest Fern in August Planter $42Shop Sarah Dorio; DESIGN: Max Humphrey Interior Design

Out: Beige

"Beige on beige on beige rooms are out, IMHO," offers Decorist celebrity designer Max Humphrey. "I know it seems like crazy times out there in the world, but I don't think the antidote is going home to a boring space with no pattern or color. Maybe it's a result of millennial fear of commitment… but all-white rooms look like museums to me, and you aren't allowed to touch anything at a museum."

In: Bold artwork

"If you're not ready to paint your walls hot pink and fill your house with crazy patterns, then a good gateway to maximalism is bold artwork," recommends Humphrey. "It's a way to personalize your space and show your guests what you're all about. I like mixing themes all on the same wall (figural drawings with text-based posters with vintage landscapes)."

Anthony Burrill Every Day Beautiful Print $99ShopNicole Berlin Serene Bay Print $249Shop Dusty Lu; DESIGN: Max Humphrey Interior Design

Out: Fast furniture

"Furniture isn't fast food. We're all used to buy it now, but good things take time, and I'm totally over rooms filled with stuff that looks like it all came from the same store," divulges Humphrey. "You wouldn't wear an entire outfit all from the same clothing store, and you shouldn't fill your house with furniture all from the same place."

In: CustomВ furniture

"Buying made-to-order furniture doesn't have to be an intimidating, expensive experience, and when you customize something for your home, it makes it more special," says the Humphrey. "There are a lot of online companies that let you pick the fabric and finish of a sofa or chair. In the New Year, I'm predicting a lot more personalization when it comes to home decor. Why would you want what everyone else has?"

Anthropologie Buffalo Check Bowen Chair $1198ShopAnthropologie Leonelle Sofa $2398Shop Courtesy Massucco Warner Miller

Out: Leather and wood chairs

"We are also really tired of leather and wood chairs that seem to have cropped up everywhere (starting in 2013 and going strong ever since)-we're hoping these chairs disappear," confess the Decorist interior designers behindВ Massucco Warner Miller.В

In: Upholstery with personality

"Instead ofВ a vintage-looking leather and wood chair, we like an upholstered chair withВ personality, such as a fully upholstered leg or curvy arm, and pattern or color again come into play here," say the designers.

Anthropologie Velvet Delaney Chair $1148ShopAnthropologie Badia-Printed Elowen Chair $598 $400Shop Courtesy Massucco Warner Miller

Out: MinimalistВ interiors

"We hope that some of the minimal, sparsely furnished rooms are on their way out,"В confess the designers of Massucco Warner Miller.В "We've never been big fans of a room that has a minimalist feel, they don't welcome you in no matter how tall the fiddle-leaf fig stands in the corner!"

In: Pattern, color, and texture.

"Instead of minimalist rooms, we likeВ patternВ on color on texture onВ patternВ on color on texture," say the designers. "Done in a curated way, these are the rooms that make houses feel like home."

Anthropologie Tropical Fete Wallpaper $138ShopAnthropologie Deco Peacock Wallpaper $108Shop Courtesy of Jonathan Rachman

Out: All-neutral, all-gray, all-taupe interiors

"It's all too predictable and at times those colors just make you yawn,"В says Decorist celebrity designerВ Jonathan Rachman.

In: Bright, colorful chinoiserie wallpaper.

"The fact that this trend never went away and is back with a vengeance says a whole lot about chinoiserie," observes Rachman. "Chinoiserie wallpaper can be both traditional and mod chic."

Brewster Home Fashions Chinoiserie Floral Wallpaper $0.55ShopYork Wallcoverings Ashford Toiles Fanciful Floral Wallpaper $1.27Shop Courtesy of Jonathan Rachman

Out: Instant furniture

"I know you want it yesterday and now, but instant furniture does not always work to maximize your interior potential," says Rachman. "Instant furniture is like instant noodles: not the best thing for you. Instead, order good noodles from a good restaurant!"

In: Custom furniture

"Old school is made cool by customizing your furniture," says the designer. "A well-thought-out custom furniture piece with details is what makes it YOU and luxurious. Take the time to shop and work with a showroom, store, or designer to make your sofa or bed Гјber-special and Гјber-you."

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