This Cool-Girl Apartment Is 100% Shoppable (and We Want It All)

We see our fair share of jaw-dropping apartments at MyDomaine, but it's rare that you can walk into a stunning space and know that every dГ©cor detail can be yours. That's exactly the theory behind The Whitespace, an appointment-only apartment in New York City that's 100% shoppable.

Curated by Snowe, a direct-to-consumer home essentials brand that specializes in affordable luxury-quality wares, the apartment is a shopper's paradise. "It's exciting to open The Whitespace up to our community so they can experience Snowe in context, whether that means feeling the softness of our bath linens or having a glass of wine to experience the laser-thin lip and clumsy-guest-proof stem of our glassware," says co-founder Rachel Cohen.

The two-bedroom loft apartment in Union Square is clearly a labor of love for Cohen and her partner, Andres Modak, who also call the space home. "It's probably the least showroom-y showroom out there because, at the end of the day, it's our actual home-not a space built out to replicate the feel," she explains. The pair partnered with their favorite stores like TRNK and Uprise Art to outfit the apartment and turn their dream space into a reality.

Step inside The Whitespace by Snowe and shop a few of the essentials we've got our eye on.

Snowe Home Snowe Striped Throw Blanket $248Shop

Like many great business ideas, Snowe was born from personal frustration. "We were building our first home together in New York City and searching high and low for classic, foundational pieces at fair prices," explains Rachel Cohen. The couple struggled to find products that fulfilled two seemingly simple criteria: exceptional quality and an affordable price. "We built Snowe to fill that gap and focused on creating luxury-quality, thoughtfully designed home essentials at disruptive prices."

Snowe Home Rounds (Study) by Dan Covert $725Shop

The two-bedroom apartment is large by New York standards, spanning 1800 square feet. While that should be an asset, it also posed a design challenge: How do you visually segment one large space to feel intimate? "It's a loft, so the kitchen, dining, entry, and living areas are all part of one open-concept space and we've brought in architectural and design tricks to delineate them," Cohen explains. Furniture and area rugs are strategically placed to create three living spaces, a dining area, a bar, and a kitchen.

While decorating the space was a daunting task, the duo has done an exceptional job at creating so many unique vignettes. "Loft living is not for the faint of heart. You have to put in a tremendous amount of thought, care, planning, and often, moving furniture around at 2 a.m.," she admits. "The biggest challenge in designing was what I'm ultimately the proudest of now-that each area of our home has a distinct feel, and each areaВ functions as if it is its own separate room."

Snowe Home TRNK Truss Sofa $3895Shop

The project allowed Cohen to tap some of her favorite furniture and dГ©cor brands. "We're big fans of our friends at TRNK and were thrilled to bring in one of its first in-house-designed sofas," she says of the charcoal three-seater in the living room. Above it hangs three artworks by Uprise Art's Jordan Sullivan, adding sunset hues to the room's cool color palette.

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It's clear that every detail has been considered: Shelves are carefully styled with vases and objects, gallery walls create vignettes, and every corner has a unique touch that speaks to the founder's sense of style. Cohen describes their aesthetic as "a study in contrasts within the confines of our signature neutral color palette and a rich, never-ending exploration of textures and layers."

Inspiration came from around the globe. "We were inspired by Scandinavian, Japanese, and midcentury American design, which brought us to layer in different textures and hard modern lines balanced with softer organic shapes and tones," she explains. Though there wasn't a specific brief, Cohen learned to trust her gut when making decorating decisions. "I may not have had the exact image in my head when we started, but I did have a feeling in mind."

Snowe Home Snowe Cheese Board $70Shop

You might recognize some aspects of the space from Instagram-Cohen often comes across images of The Whitespace when scrawling through her feed. "We joke that the Gan poufs are Instagram-famous-I see photos of them in The Whitespace pop up on our feed all the time, often without us even mentioned," she says. "It's like they've taken on a life of their own. It helps that they're incredibly comfy too!"

Snowe Home Snowe Spirit Decanter $50Shop

When asked about her favorite part of the apartment, Cohen is quick to spotlight the newest addition, a sleek, built-in bar. "We focused on incorporating new colors and textures to really highlight our glassware and create an inviting space to gather," she explains of the recent addition. "When we first opened the space, we found that guests tended to congregate around the bar in the kitchen, so we knew for round two that we wanted a second hub. It makes me so happy to see friends and guests pouring each other drinks, laughing, and meeting new people. Any design decision that fosters community is a winner for me."

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Another key update is the color palette. Cohen's sense of style is neutral and minimalistic, so she pushed herself to experiment with new hues. "As anyone can see from our home-or the way we dress-we're very devoted to a minimalist, neutral color palette. So bringing in this gorgeous blue-gray you see on the walls pushed our comfort zone in the best possible way," she says.

The ice-blue color palette continues in the guest room too. Their luxury-grade sateen sheets offer a pop of color that can be swapped out with ease.

Snowe Home Snowe Pillow Talk Diffuser $40Shop

"While there are a million ways to live with Snowe, The Whitespace is just one version-really, our vision," says Cohen. Peppered with unique finds, carefully curated accessories, and every home essential you could ever need, it's a one-stop shop.

If you're planning a trip to New York City, make an appointment online or sign up for an event (think flower arranging, cheese plating, or rosГ© tasting). If you fall in love with something in the loft, just place an order on one of the tablets and it'll arrive on your doorstep. Trust us: This is one space you won't leave empty-handed.

Next up: Our editorial director is decorating her apartment-help her choose the artwork.