50 (Mostly Cheap) Daytime Date Ideas

Kate Ogata

The more I think about it, the more I consider aВ nighttime date to have a few too many drawbacks. First,В it's easy to think about all day (especially if it's the first date). Secondly, choices are limited ifВ one extends past the original plan. And lastly,В tiredness can settle in far too quickly after sundown.

Daytime dates just seem easier. We have more energy, there are more activities available, and it all feels more casual. Oh, and I should mention they're usually cheaper, too. So in the interest of expanding the rules of the dating game, here are 50 daytime date ideas to try whether you're in a new or long-term relationship. Hopefully, it'll help you be more creative about romance during the daylight.

One Month

Liz Sunshine

Go to a local bookstore: There's something casual yet intimate about perusing the shelves of your favorite independent bookstore. You and your date can share what you like about your favorite titles or authors and even pick up something to read together.

Wander through a museum: Pick an exhibit you really want to see, ask your date to do the same, and then spend some time exploring them together. You can talk, you can be silent, and you definitely don't have to try to see everything.

Explore a neighborhood: If you live in a big city, there's probably a neighborhood that you don't know too much about. Decide to explore it with your date by researching a fun restaurant, a local park, or a landmark.

Go kayaking: You can have your own or paddle as a pair.

Head to a farmers market: Tasting different foods, talking about certain meals you like to make, and people watching make this date feel effortless. Bonus points if you plan to make lunch together from your loot.

Go bowling: When was the last time you went bowling? Dust off your skills and let loose with this throwback activity, which is as much about conversation as it is about the sport.В

Plan a hike: Depending on your shared level of interest, a hike can either be strenuous or easygoing.

Play mini-golf: It's probably been years since you've done this, but it's always a fun afternoon activity.В

See a matinee: One of life's simple pleasures is seeing a movie in the middle of the day. There aren't crowds, the air-conditioning feels good, and you can probably talk yourself into eating popcorn for lunch.

Try a local coffee shop: It's a change of scenery from your go-to bar.

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3 Months

Liz Sunshine

Take a yoga class: Start with a beginner's lesson if you're new to the routine, and then grab breakfast after.

Plan a picnic: Create a simple cheese board or pack some sandwiches, and then spread out a comfortable blanket under a tree. It's a relaxing way to catch up and enjoy the outdoors.

Peruse a flea market: See who can find the coolest stuff for the cheapest prices.

Relax at a pool: Claim two lounge chairs at the community pool, or see about getting a day pass for a hotel.

Joining a local kickball league or taking on tennis doubles is an exciting way to learn something new-and possibly expand your social circle.

Sign up for a sport: Joining a local kickball league or taking on tennis doubles is an exciting way to learn something new-and possibly expand your social circle.

Check out an architecture tour: You've probably passed by an old, ornate building a thousand times without knowing its history.

Take a ceramics class: Saturday lessons are common, and it'll be fun to see how your time at the wheel turns out.

Walk through a community garden: It'll feel like a small escape from it all.

Organize a brunch: Get to know each other's friends over mimosas and pancakes.

Spend a day at the beach: Or any shoreline, for that matter.

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Six Months

Liz Sunshine

Take on a Pinterest project: You've probably been wanting to tackle that DIY idea you saw on Pinterest but haven't gotten around to it yet. Do it together.

Head to an amusement park: And plan to go on the big, scary roller coaster.

Volunteer: There are plenty of places who need volunteers on the weekends, and this can turn out to be a regular habit.

Go wine tasting: Just make sure to split a Lyft.

Spend some time at an aquarium: They're especially fun to wander through right after opening.

Cheer on a sporting event: Whether it's a professional baseball game or a college basketball tournament, find an event that needs a two-person cheering section.

Plan your own restaurant crawl: Featuring your favorite picks from each spot.

Take a sailing lesson: It'll be very Jackie Kennedy and JFK of you.

Find the best view in the area: Go on a mission to find areas in your town or city with the best vantage points, and take photos along the way.

Take on a puzzle together: Served with coffee and pastries, of course.

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One Year

Liz Sunshine

Commit to a 5K: You can train together toВ stay motivated.

Take a cooking class: Sign up for something you've always wanted to learn, like how to make your own pasta.

Go to a concert: Small venues or record stores can host daytime or late-afternoon shows, and they're usually inexpensive.

Check out a famous restaurant: It still counts if it's been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Find out how beer is made: Find a local brewery and taste what they've been creating.

Go skydiving: It's one way to spend your Saturday.

Make reservations at a new restaurant: Switch up your regular favorites by finding a new place to go to for lunch.

Take a factory tour: Whether you tour the Jelly Belly factory in the Bay Area or hit up the Ben and Jerry's factory in Vermont, you're bound to learn something new (and hopefully eat a few good things).

Set up a hammock: Napping can totally be part of a date.

Sign up for paintball: Just be gentle.

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Long-term couple

Make a new recipe: Because you know you've been rotating the same five meals for months now.

Go to a spa: Sign up for that couple's massage you've always planned on doing.

Tour model homes: Even if you're not in the market, seeing the latest design trends and architecture styles-especially of large, single-family properties-can be a fun way to daydream.

Spend some time in your outdoor space: If you live together and have an outdoor space, how often do you use it? Spend some time cleaning it off and decorating it before having a "date" in this new area of your home.

Take a dance class: Groan now, but it'll be worth it when you can do a perfect waltz together.

Organize a scavenger hunt: Featuring beloved places and things, like your first date and favorite diner.

Plan a quick road trip: The destination should be no more than two hours away.

Re-create a memorable date: It could be a home-cooked version of a first date meal or a drive back to that particular lookout.

Go roller skating: Find a local rink or take your neighborhood streets by storm.

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