This Creative Director Told Us Her Favourite Perth Haunts

If INF / Network MemberВ and influencer,В Nadia Rosa's Instagram account is anything to go by, we need to buy tickets to Perth, stat. While she currently spends her time between Sydney and Melbourne, one thing is for sure, the Perth-born beauty is a local at heart. Below, Rosa shares why the coastal town will have a piece of her heart forever, and why it's a great destination to add to your bucket list.В


There's little I love more than Perth. And I will always see it as this little, relaxing and carefree town. TheВ beaches here are some of the most amazing, beautiful beaches I have ever seen. There aren't many places in the world you will find with crystal-clear waters. No matter where I go, nothing makes me happier than a swim before I start my day. You will also find the people of Perth extremely warm and welcoming, something I really appreciate about Perth.

While I have lived away for several years now, I always miss Perth, and look forward to coming back as much as possible. And as much as I enjoyed living in Sydney and Melbourne and the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with it, I always crave time at home. Something about this small quiet town seems to brews creatives, I have seen many amazing success stories come out of Perth. Read on for some of my favourite local gems.В

Breakfast & Coffee

Little Lefroys: This is my favourite place in Fremantle. My weekend, go-to meal is bowl of greens and a good coffee.В

Vans Cafe: This is another great place for breakfast. And for bonus points: It's very close to Cottesloe Beach.

Ooh Coffee: This is a little hidden gem tucked away in North Fremantle. Great coffee and great vibe.В


Rottnest Island:В Hands down the best beaches in the world. I love it here.В

Port Beach: I consider this to be one of Fremantle's finest beaches. It's so calm and peaceful, you will find me here most mornings.В

Cottesloe Beach: This beach is definitely iconic, and equally pristine. You must visit it if your'e in Perth.В


Il Lido: This is my most favourite restaurant in Perth. I love the location ( it's right near Cottesloe Beach) and their Italian food is to die for. The lasagne for two on a Sunday is a must.В

Canteen: Three words: Pizza and cocktails. What more could you want?В


The Shorehouse: It's got a beautiful view and the best cocktails in Perth.В

Strange Company: I think of this as Fremantle's finest place to visit and have a cocktail tor wine. It's also got a great selection of food to graze on while you drink.В В


Bread In Common: It's never disappointing.В

The Como Treasury:В You must visit this incredible building. Too many amazing restaurants to list but Petition and Long Chim are an absolute must.В


Ooh La La: This is my local shop with some of my favourite brands.В

Ricarda: Ricarda has everything from beautiful home-wares,В to basics, to amazing high-end pieces.

Savvy Brands:В Located on beautiful George street, Savvy Brands has the best selection of labels.В

Sara Fox & Co: Located in North Beach, it has an amazing mix of the latest designer fashion, I always find something I love in this store.В


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