What to Eat After Over-Indulging at a Party

If you enjoyed one too many glasses of rosГ© or slices of brie this long weekend, don't beat yourself up about it. In the spirit of moderation, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise of Sakara Life reveal the best healthy foods to eat after over-indulging on dairy, alcohol, or fried food at a party. Their ethos? "A balanced life is about knowing how and when to treat yourself without feeling bad about it! We all veer off the clean-eating track once in awhile-it's how you get back on that counts," they tell The Coveteur. Quit feeling guilty, and remedy your body with this nutrient-rich food.

Koury Angelo for MyDomaine

The Indulgence: French fries, fried chicken, and doughnuts

The Remedy: Raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and green juice. "Reset your system after a fried food binge with clean, plant-based meals: think fresh fruit or green juice for breakfast and bountiful salads filled with raw veggies and whole grains for lunch and dinner," the Sakara founders recommend.

The indulgence: Cheese, chocolate, and ice cream

The remedy:В Whole grains, lemon-infused water, and raw nuts. "All that dairy brings the PH balance of your body a fairly acidic state, which can encourage bacteria and other harmful pathogens to thrive," says Whitney and Danielle. "Get alkaline by starting the morning with a glass of water with lemon and eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, legumes, and raw nuts throughout the day.

The Indulgence: Wine, spirits, and everything in between

The Remedy: Water, peppermint and ginger tea, and alkaline fruits and vegetables. "Quench your body with plenty of mineral-rich, high-quality water, which will ease your symptoms while showing toxins the door," they explain. "Alkalizing fruits and veggies will help restore your pH balance as well, which-surprise-was disrupted by all that booze, while peppermint or ginger tea will soothe an unsettled stomach."
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