25 Things You Can Do If You Need It to Be Spring Right This Second


While all of the trimmings of the holidays have a way of making snow and chilly temperatures appear charming, the infatuation wanes come January and verges on cruel by March. This is the time of year when a stray snowflake can procure tears, when the length of your leg hair rivals that of your head, and your dry, cracked skin is quite literally thirsting for both moisture and sunlight. Viewing a picture of a beach or flower bed is borderline pornographic, and a trip to even the least exotic of warm-weather destinations sounds like paradise. Considering nearly all of the activities I've engaged in as of late have been both direct and indirect attempts to summon warmer weather, my colleagues and I have compiled a list of welcome diversions designed to keep you sane throughout the remaining days of winter. Invite fake spring into your home and life this weekend by doing the following 25 activities.

1. Get a mani/pedi (preferably in an array of pastel hues with no distinct pattern Г la your 5-year-old self).

2. Buy a humidifier while humidity is still a thing you're excited about.

3. Join the club and impulse-buy this $33 facial steamer on Amazon because moisture (two of us did so this morning).

4. Exfoliate literally everything. Physically, chemically, whatever.

5. Try on your favorite spring outfits and wear them around your apartment (I've been doing this once a week since January).

6. Buy a new pair of sandals… or three.

7. Light fresh, spring-smelling candles, like Diptique Orange Tree.

8. Turn your home or apartment into a living, breathing greenhouse by investing in dozens of houseplants.

9. Use the visceral power of memory to your advantage by listening to songs that remind you of past warm-weather vacations.

10. Or better yet, book a warm-weather vacation and obsessively plan every minute detail to distract your mind from the fact that it's still frigid outside.

11. Change the background of your phone to a photo of this place.

12. Do a moisturizing mask because obviously face masks fix everything.

14. Deep-clean those areas of your apartment you've ignored for far too long-the bathroom, the stovetop, the inside of your oven, the refrigerator.

15. Try an infrared sauna for some faux sunlight.

16. Make inexpensive updates to your home (you can't go wrong with colorful new throw pillows).

17. Put fresh flowers in every room.

18. Eat a Cadbury egg (or a dozen).

19. Momentarily open your bedroom window for a fresh breeze (and try your best to ignore the bitter cold air that seeps through).

20. Plan a ridiculously elaborate Easter/Passover-themed brunch to officially welcome the new season.

21. Update your wardrobe with your favorite spring 2018 trends (bathing suits included).

22. Switch the artwork in at least one of your frames to give yourself a fresh view.

23. Start an Instagram or Pinterest mood board to chronicle the outfits and adventures you plan to wear/take when the warm weather hits.

24. Mark off upcoming seasonal activities in your calendar and look into concert tickets, airfare, etc.

25. Get a fresh haircut to match your updated wardrobe for the new season.