Science Suggests Chilling Out at Work Is Actually Better for Your Career

Talisa Sutton

From a young age, we're taught that hard work begets success, whether it's for a team sport, at school, or in the workplace. While there's certainly a lot of merit to the mantra, new research suggests that trying too hard at work could actually have a negative effect on your career.

Using data from over 50,000 people, researchers at the University of London analyzed the impact of "work intensity," or the effort you put into your job, on outcomes like job security, promotions, and well-being. Intriguingly, they found that workaholics aren't actually rewarded for their efforts. In fact, increased work intensity was associated with inferior outcomes, The Cut reports. In other words, your boss won't be as impressed by your ongoing hard work as they might be by an employee who puts in extra effort on occasion. What's more, the stress and fatigue associated with higher work intensity far outweighed any potential career benefits.

While the study certainly isn't an excuse to slack off, in a society where we're all taught to work harder, achieve more, and always be online, it's a welcome reminder to press pause and put our well-being first.

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