FYI: MyDomaine Editors Won't Board a Plane Without These Travel Accessories

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Here at MyDomaine, we've covered the best travel gadgets that are actually worth the money, the travel-size beauty products we swear by (in order to get through the TSA line quickly), and the go-to travel outfits we wear en route to our destinations.В That said, it should come as no surprise that packing is considered something of a sport among our well-traveled team of editors. To give you yet anotherВ glimpse into our suitcases, we're revealing the best travel accessories worthy of space in our carry-ons.

Our must-pack picks include a quality eye mask that makes it easy to catch some z's on a long-haul flight, a durable yet chic travel tote that's under $200, and a cute pair of headphones that are actually compatible with that in-flight entertainment aux outlet. Plus, we'd consider one item on this list the ultimate travel skincare hack. (Yes, post-flight dry skin just might be a thing of the past.) Keep scrolling to shop the travel accessories we've deemed so essential that we won't board a plane without them.

Original Graphic by Viviana Duron B&O Play H4 Wireless Leather and Aluminium Headphones $300Shop

"I freak out if I ever forget to pack my B&O Headphones! They're so much better than the ones they supply on the flight and make flying coach feel a little bit more luxe. When I need to sleep, I play storm sounds via the app Rain Rain to drown out cabin noise."

Longchamp Large Le Pliage Neo Nylon Tote $190Shop

"I've had this bag for about six years now and use it on every single trip. It's my go-to carry-on bag: It's big enough to fit a laptop, waterproof, very light, and rolls up to fit in my luggage when I arrive at my destination. I also have the backpack version."

Newvanga Worldwide All-in-One Universal Travel Adapter $12Shop

"This worldwide charger converts to most countries' power outlets-including those in the USA, Europe, UK, Australia, and Asia. I toss it in my bag just in case my phone or laptop runs out of juice at the airport."

Original Graphic by Viviana Duron Brooklinen Throw Blanket $229Shop

"I am all about creating a cocoon for myself when I fly, especially when I'm on a red-eye. That's where a blanket (preferably cashmere) comes in handy. I wrap it right over my head and hide underneath with earplugs or headphones in and an eye mask. Guaranteed blissful slumber every time."

Apple AirPods $159Shop

"I always take headphones on the plane with me. They're great for when you need to block out the noise and get some sleep, plug in some music to get work done, or watch a movie."

TDE Black Vegan Structured Crossbody Bag $140Shop

"You need all of your hands when you're traveling, so I always bring a crossbody bag with me to stash my wallet, phone, and boarding pass in. These need to be easily accessible when you're going through security or customs."

Original Graphic by Viviana Duron Bkr Holiday Glass Water Bottle $38Shop

"The little plastic cup rations that they hand out in-flight never seem to quench my thirst, so now I'm one of those people desperately downing water in the TSA line to make sure my reusable water bottle is empty before I get to the front."

Boneco Travel Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier $50Shop

"After I forgot to bring this mini humidifier on a recent trip to Santa Fe, it's now the first thing I pack to ensure I don't leave it behind. Dry hotel-room air wrecks havoc on my already prone-to-drying-out skin, and this device is has been a huge game changer for maintaining my skin while traveling."

Anker Portable Charger $44Shop

"When I first stumbled upon this product, $44 seemed steep for a portable charger, but after scrolling through countless five-star reviews on Amazon, I finally decided to add it to my cart. Thank goodness I did, because I can't imagine traveling without this ingenious little device."

Original Graphic by Viviana Duron Amazon Kindle $80Shop

"Books and magazines can get bulky when traveling, so I always carry my Kindle around to read on the flight or on the beach. It also saves me a trip to the newsstand when I get to the airport."

Slip Silk Eye Mask $45Shop

"A quality eye mask is a game changer on red-eye flights. When I pair it with my noise-canceling headphones, I can entirely tune the world out and wake up when I feel like it."

Furla Mini Metropolis Leather Crossbody Bag $345Shop

"This bag is just large enough to hold my small wallet, passport, boarding pass, lip balm, hand cream, and phone without being bulky or heavy. I usually travel with this small bag, my Away carry-on suitcase, and a Longchamp tote that I roll on top of my luggage. I can also easily tuck this smaller bag in my tote at security or on flights."

Original Graphic by Viviana Duron Gray Malin Getaway Leather Luggage Tag $49 $35Shop

"A luggage tag is a travel must-have anytime you check a bag. I love this Gray Malin tag because it stands out in the sea of luggage at baggage claim."

Ban.do Chill Pill Listen Up Earbuds $20Shop

"Wireless headphones are great, but there's no worse feeling than selecting an in-flight movie only to realize your headphones are too high tech to plug into the standard aux outlet in your seat."

All Saints Fin Shoulder Backpack $378Shop

"No matter how light I pack, I always need an extra bag to hold all of my essentials. A black leather backpack goes with everything and is perfect for lugging around a laptop, book, snacks, and travel-friendly skincare products while looking polished."

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