A Wedding Pro Told Us the 1 Cake Brides Are Requesting This Season

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From the shoes, to the dress, there are many exciting choices to be made leading up to your wedding day, and arguably, one of the most satisfying decisions in theВ wedding planningВ process is choosing what cake you're going to have-just think of all the taste tests! But if you're looking for the next cake trend, that will stand apart from the plethora of naked cakes swarming your Pinterest feed, we sat down with busy baker Naomi HendersonВ from Hello Naomi, to suss out the cake orders she's already getting for wedding season this spring.В The verdict? Naked cakes are still around this season, but like that old faithful royal icing, they are not asВ tasty as soft icing options.В

Also, for more ideas, earlier this year, Pinterest released its annual wedding reportВ on the cake trends they were predicting for the year with drip cakes being among the most popular Pins, growing by 437 percent in a year. Closer to home, Henderson is seeing the minimalist trend enter the sugary, sweet realm of cakes with buttercream icing and neutral florals being theВ most requested cake she's making.

See her expert advice on cake trends for this season below.В

Once you've found the perfect cake to devour on your big day, The KnotВ suggests ordering your cake at least six months in advance and factoring in essential elements like budget and delivery logistics into your thought process.

TREND #1 : naked cakes are still in this season

"Naked cakes have been an amazing trend, and I still don't think they going anywhere, because they are still quite popular orders. But I have noticed that many brides are now trying to find something different to eat at their weddings."


"Buttercream is a delicious and cost-effective option that brides are opting for. They are asking for a soft, full buttercream finish with fresh flowers as decoration. I find that this trend is perfect for a relaxed style wedding. Additionally, delicate sugar flower arrangements and a textured royal icing finishes are also popular for a more formal wedding.

"I have always loved minimalism and I am super happy to see it now appear as a cake trend. A clean and precise finish elevates a simple design to a sophisticated level. This can be done with a smooth fondant finish or with a soft, textured buttercream finish."

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