3 Mistakes That Make Your Workout Pointless, Says an "Angel Trainer"


The point of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show might be to showcase the brand's lingerie, but it's impossible to watch the annual extravaganza without wondering how on earth the models get such toned bodies. Granted, genetics play a huge role, but "Angel trainer" Justin Gelband says it's also thanks to a rigorous pre-show workout routine.

In an interview with Business Insider, Gelband disclosed exactly how he sculpts the bodies of clients like Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, and Candice Swanepoel. Apparently, it comes down to three workout rules, which he says most people get wrong. These are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to tone their midsection:

  1. You only do crunches. According to Gelband, crunches are basically useless: "All you're doing is putting pressure on your spine… because you're using your neck instead of your stomach to actually do the exercise."
  2. Nutrition is an afterthought. "If you're eating properly you can actually have a flat stomach," he says, noting that he's a big fan of eating for blood type.
  3. You think your core and abs are the same thing. "No, it's not just your stomach. It's your hips, your lower back, your stomach and your butt all combined into a box," he corrects. To work out that "box," he recommends swimming, biking, and running on the beach, which don't put pressure on your back.

Next up: the two exercises Victoria's Secret models rely on for toned abs.