Urban Outfitters Just Dropped 5 New Furniture Collections (and They're Good)

Urban Outfitters

This time of year is often punctuated by the release ofВ spring home dГ©cor collections featuring new products in the latest styles. However, Urban Outfitters has taken things one step further this season. Instead of launching just one new line for the spring, the affordable retailer just dropped five new furniture collections. In total, the newest offerings include more than 90 pieces, featuring everything from side tables, sofas, armoires, and beds to cabinetry, room dividers, ottomans, and storage solutions.

Dubbed the Ria Collection, the Howell Collection, the Camila Collection, the Finely Collection, and the Wyatt collection, each line has its own unique and individual style. For instance, the Ria Collection is filled withВ bohemian treasures like woven wicker and rattan pieces, while the Howell Collection is defined by its utilitarian products made with metal, leather, and canvas elements. There's also the modern, romantic Camila Collection, the earthy, yet minimal Finey Collection, and the simple Wyatt Collection that was made for furnishing your first apartment.

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The Ria Collection

Urban Outfitters Ria Rattan Bed $949Shop

Create a bohemian paradise in your bedroom with this rattan bed. The design is highly modern, but it feels fresh and new thanks to the natural material.

Urban Outfitters Ria Bookshelf $329Shop

For a bit of extra storage, a narrow bookshelf made of a light rattan material. The arched effect of the top shelf paired with the curved edges of the stand work to soften the look.

Urban Outfitters Ria Leaning Rattan Mirror $179Shop

Another rattan piece that utilizes curved edges, this mirror doubles as extra storage space. Hang towels or scarves or even dry laundry on the ladder posts situated next to the floor-length mirror.

The Howell Collection

Urban Outfitters Howell Dining Set $449Shop

Distinctly different from the Ria Collection, this dining set from the Howell Collection feels much more industrial and utilitarian. It features dark wood and metal elements for a more structured look.

Urban Outfitters Howell Canvas Arm Chair $349Shop

This army green cushioned armchair sits on a metal frame for a combination of hard and soft elements. It's incredibly modern, yet won't stand out too much in any space. It would look lovely as a pair in the living room or as a single accent piece in the bedroom.

Urban Outfitters Howell Storage Unit $349Shop

This multi-faceted storage unit is perfect for anyone tight on space. Display books, picture frames, and objects on the unobstructed shelves on the right-hand side and store anything you'd rather keep hidden away on the left-hand side behind the cabinet door.

The Camila Collection

Urban Outfitters Camila 6-Drawer Dresser $699Shop

This light wood dresser drawer has a mid-century modern edge while remaining neutral. It could fit in with just about any design aesthetic and is just begging for you to hang a large circular mirror just above it (or lean one on the top of the dresser).

Urban Outfitters Camila Velvet Sofa $1099Shop

This velvet sofa features a deep shade of burnt orange resembling the trending terracotta color. The fabric, along with the curved silhouette, channeled design, and mid-century legs create a sophisticated, chic look with a bold pop of color.

Urban Outfitters Camila Bench $179Shop

Perfect for placing in the front entryway or at the foot of the bed, this bench comes in the same natural material as the dresser drawer for a cohesive look. It's simple enough to function however you see fit.

The Finley Collection

Urban Outfitters Finley 6-Drawer Dresser $799Shop

For an industrial, modern style, turn your attention to this dresser drawer from the Finley Collection. The deep shade of the natural material contrasts beautifully with the metal hardware.

Urban Outfitters Finley Bed $799Shop

A simple, minimalistic bedframe, this piece offers a subtle touch of design. It appears sturdy and grounded and would look stunning styled with other pieces from the collection.

Urban Outfitters Finley Nightstand $179Shop

This nightstand features the same structured silhouette, color contrast, and minimalistic feel like the other pieces. Place it next to the bed style it with a modern vase or lamp.

The Wyatt Collection

Urban Outfitters Wyatt Nightstand $89Shop

This nightstand features a particularly unusual shape, creating interest. Rather than a traditional drawer, it features a single shelf for a simple design.

Urban Outfitters Wyatt Faux Leather Sofa $699Shop

This faux leather sofa in white with a dark brown wooden frame was made for first apartments. It's simplistic and durable with a modern design that's not too showy.

Urban Outfitters Wyatt Vanity $299Shop

Transform an ordinary corner or bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary with this light wood vanity. The shape of the piece mimics that of the nightstand from the same collection, only without a shelf it feels entirely minimal.В Add a velvet and brass cushion for a luxe design or source a wooden stool to complete the look.

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