The Best Red Wine to Drink Tonight, According to Your Favorite Netflix Show

Chronicles of Her

At the end of an exhausting day, few things are better than curling up on the sofa to binge-watch a great series-and this picture just wouldn't be complete without a good glass of red wine in hand. Poised to stock up for summer (yes, you can drink red wine in warm weather), we turned to Winc's associate wine director, Brooke Matthias, to talk us through the basics of choosing the best drop, starting with tasting 101: the difference between types of red wine.

Don't know why you prefer pinot noir over merlot or not sure what ValdiguiГ© actually is? Ahead, Matthias maps out the character profile, tasting notes, and food pairings for each type of wine, and we paired them with the most popular Netflix shows of 2018. Pour a glass and press play: This is the best red wine to drink tonight, based on the show you can't stop watching.

Orange Is the New Black

Season six of this can't-stop-watching drama set in Litchfield County Jail calls for a bold wine as strong as the characters and sharp as the plotline.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Chop Shop 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon $14Shop

Character Profile: medium to full-bodied with firm tannins

Tasting Notes: plum, red cherry, and spice

Food Pairing: a juicy cheeseburger


If the FriendsВ is part of your weeknight wind-down, this red wine pairing is a match made in sommelier heaven.

Pinot Noir

Alit Wines Pinot Noir Trio $45Shop

Character Profile: smooth acidity and soft tannins

Tasting Notes: cherry, clove, and baking spice

Food Pairing: a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner

Master of None

If you've been tracing Dev's master foodie bucket list of NYC since starting this comedy series, this wine goes hand-in-hand with a New York slice.


Field Theory 2016 Aglianico $26Shop

Character Profile: full-bodied, firm tannins, and high acidity

Tasting Notes: earth, licorice, and plum

Food Pairing: your favorite slice of pizza

The Keepers

There's nothing relaxing about this series, which chronicles shocking cases of abuse in the Catholic church. Opt for a tart wine that'll keep you on the edge of your seat too.


Brethren of the Road "Talk West" ValdiguiГ© $18Shop

Character Profile: balanced fruit and prominent acidity

Tasting Notes: fig and tart cherry

Food pairing: roasted vegetables

Parts Unknown

Why not pour a glass of red wine from the same region Anthony Bourdain explores in Parts Unknown? Relax with this Spanish variety and a cheese platter while watching episode two of season nine, where he visits San Sebastian and Basque Country.


Bodegas Mauro 2013 Tempranillo $47Shop

Character Profile: full-bodied, smooth acidity, and dry tannins

Tasting Notes: cherry, dark plum, and mint

Food Pairing: your favorite charcuterie and cheese plate

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This light-hearted, easy-to-watch series calls for a wine with similar characteristics.


Saved Wines Red Blend $25Shop

Character Profile: fruit-forward and aromatic with crisp acidity

Tasting Notes: black pepper, cherry, and earth

Food Pairing: a lamb dish

House of Cards

Fans of House of Cards will want a full-bodied wine to sip on during the new season of this Netflix drama. Reach for a variety with firm tannins and tart acidity.


Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz $17Shop

Character Profile: full-bodied with tart acidity and firm tannins

Tasting Notes: pepper, blueberry, and vanilla

Food Pairing: a roast beef dinner

The Crown

It's easy to binge-watch the entire first series of this drama aboutВ Queen Elizabeth II, soВ choose a wine with soft tannins to sip on slowly.


Josh Cellars Merlot $11Shop

Character Profile: medium-bodied with smooth acidity and soft tannins

Tasting Notes: blackcurrant, blackberry, and toasted oak

Food Pairing: strawberry shortcake or chocolate mousse

Making a Murderer

This documentary television series pairs well with a bold, tart wine that packs a punch.В


Michele Chiarlo Il Principe Nebbiolo $19Shop

Character Profile: full-bodied with tart acidity and firm tannins

Tasting Notes: hints of small black fruits, plums, and violet

Food Pairing: Chinese five-spice chocolate pot de crГЁme

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