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8 Travel Jewelry Organizers to Pack for Your Next Getaway

When it comes to traveling, I try to keep my possessions as minimal as possible. This would seem like a major accomplishment if I didn't already dress simply in my everyday life, but there's still something to be said about fitting all that I need into a carry-on regardless of the length of my trip.

That being said, if you're the type of traveler who thinks, Who knows, I might need this! whenever you're packing, I get it. Sometimes you gotta pack for the 'gram. In those moments when clothes vastly outnumber accessories, I turn to these little-appreciated items: travel jewelry organizers. Unless you want sparkly accessories to get scratched in a measly Ziploc or lost in a pile of outfits, jewelry organizers are the best way to keep these odds and ends streamlined. They also allow you to bring more than meets the eye.

Once you've chosen a few versatile pieces to pack, keep them safe in one of these eight jewelry cases. Here's why I think they're particularly worth a bit of extra bulk.

Bey-Berk Small Jewelry Case $25Shop

If you're like me, then you basically wear the same three pieces of jewelry every day. This item will not only keep them in one place, but it can be stored anywhere-from your daily purse to your carry-on bag.

TDE Black Jewelry Box $130Shop

There are two compartments in this sleek option from TDE: a top section for rings and earrings and a bottom pocket for necklaces. This works if you're clamoring to take along a few extra pieces, but I wouldn't blame you if you got it for the monogram.

Naison.V Jewelry Organizer $15Shop

There's enough room in this Naison.V jewelry organizer to store multiple items without a problem. But the best part about this pick, other than its gold clasp, has to be the built-in mirror.

BagSmart Double-Layer Travel Jewelry Organizer $26Shop

The double-layer design of this Amazon find makes it easy to store bulkier jewelry items-like statement necklaces-while still leaving room for rings too. By the way, there are 60 earring holes in this bag, in case you really need options.

Leatherology Large Jewelry Case $75Shop

Leatherology would clearly make a beautiful case out of its namesake material, and this one has the exterior appearance of a classic book. But once you unzip the sturdy compartment, you have everything you need to store jewelry safely. It's an especially smart choice for those who love dainty necklaces.

Cuyana x Marie Kondo Cases $180Shop

Of course Marie Kondo would be in on travel jewelry organizers, and her collaboration with Cuyana delivers nothing short of chic and practical options. The smaller Italian leather cases make sense if you're going on a short trip, but taking every coordinating box along works if you want to keep your jewelry pieces separated by type on a longer getaway.

Tumi Nylon Jewelry Travel Roll $76Shop

If you're not one to pair down simply because you're on vacation, then this Tumi case is for you. The clear zippered compartments make it easy to find pieces, and the hanger detail provides even more convenience when needed.

Wolf Chloe Leather Jewelry Portfolio $123Shop

Although this jewelry case from Wolf looks like it can fit on top of even the smallest carry-on, its built-in portfolio feature means that you can store plenty of pieces within its clasped confines. I also like that this case has plenty of pockets for bracelets too.

Mele & Co. Cameron Fabric Jewelry Box $37Shop

If you're the type of person who sticks to rings and earrings over anything else, then this case from Mele & Co. has enough square compartments for your favorite pieces. It's also hand-lined in suede fabric to ensure that your jewelry travels well.

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