Hair of the Dog: How to Make a Bloody Mary at Home

No brunch is complete without a Bloody Mary. The spicy, liberally garnished cocktail is a Sunday staple for good reason: It's satisfyingly filling, entertaining to consume, and it's a delicious hair-of-the-dog cure. And while the brunch go-to is a standard at most restaurants, it can also be easily enjoyed at home. If you're staying in this weekend, upgrade your at-home brunching experience by whipping up your own take on the classic drink. Wondering how to make a Bloody Mary? All you need is a handful of easy-to-find ingredients and toppings that suit your desires, and then you'll be on your way to customizing your own cocktail-the options are endless. We've rounded up three examples to get you started: A classic recipe, a spicier iteration that kicks it up a notch, and a brunch-friendly breakdown of how to set up a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar.

Below are three delicious takes on how to make a Bloody Mary at home.

Loaded Bloody Mary

Foodie Crush

Heidi of Foodie Crush admits the bountiful Sunday cocktail looks like a salad in a glass-but when it comes to brunch, it's okay to want more, more, and more. Consequently, her classic Bloody Mary recipe calls for plenty of toppings. "Snacking on all of the extra trimmings while I wait for my actual meal to arrive is kind of a necessity," she notes, speaking to how it's the perfect solution to satiate your appetite for brunch when it's not quite lunch and you didn't eat breakfast. Though using a premade Bloody Mary mix is hardly frowned upon, Heidi notes that creating your own guarantees a fresh and flavorful mix and that her recipe "might just be the best Bloody Mary to slither past your puckered lips."

JalapeГ±o Bloody Mary

Half Baked Harvest

For those who like to turn up the heat, this 100% made-from-scratch recipe from Half Baked Harvest's Tieghan Gerard does exactly that. The super-spicy take on the cocktail calls for infusing vodka with jalapeГ±os-"if you want super-intense flavor, the longer the jalapeГ±os sit in the vodka, the stronger it's going to be" she explains-and garnishes like chili pepper and pepperoncini. You can make the jalapeГ±o Bloody Mary mix a couple days early, and then you can keep it in the fridge to enjoy all weekend.

Bloody Mary Bar

Camille Styles

If you're whipping up Bloody Marys for a group, nothing's more fun than a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. Camille Styles breaks down exactly how to put together the perfect setup to satiate all Sunday appetites plus helpful tips to take your Bloody Marys to the next level (rim your glasses "in a smoked sea salt or a great barbecue rib rub, which gives it an extra pop of flavor").

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