The 6 Spring Paint Color Trends Interior Designers Are Already Obsessing Over

Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Unsurprisingly, spring is inherently associated color. After months of dreary grey skies and white, snow-covered terrain, it's budding blossoms and burgeoning blades of grass that undeniably signal the return of pigment to the landscape. Even in Los Angeles, known for its eternally temperate climate, blooming bougainvillea in bright hues of pink, purple, and orange are colorful signals that aВ subtle shift in seasons has indeed occurred.

To find out which nature-inspired shades are making their way into interior design this season, naturally, we turned to lead Decorist designers Elena Calabrese, Becky Leu, and Martin Raffone. From moody jewel tones to warm neutrals, these are the spring paint color trends the pros are already obsessing over. Want to be ahead of the curve? Keep scrolling for next season's paint color trend forecast, including specific shades to tryВ come March 20.

Jewel Tones

Catherine Kwong

Trend Report: "I'm obsessed with deep, dark, gemstone jade green,"В confesses Decorist elite designer Elena Calabrese. "C2's Espionage is an amazing statement. It's somewhere in between jade, blue and black and its super sexy, dramatic and sophisticated. Great for an accent wall and paired up with soft blushy pink tones and earthy caramel leathers."

Shade to Try:В C2 Espionage

Mustardy Yellows

Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Trend Report: "Farrow & Ball's Sudbury Yellow #51 is super fresh," says Calabrese. "While it's not a color for everyone, those of us that love yellow (and mustardy yellow at that), are big fans! It feels fresh this year and is especially hot for seating in plush velvets. It's a great unexpected pop and works well with the ever-popular shades of grays and midnight blues."

Shade to Try:В Farrow & Ball Sudbury Yellow

Warm Neutrals

Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Trend Report: "In 2019, I'm already starting to see an evolution away from cool blue-grays and into warmer neutrals," divulges Decorist elite designer Becky Leu. "Gray is still 'in,' but it's now ideal with a more creamy undertone like Benjamin Moore's Cosmopolitan, which, ingeniously, also happens to be their color of the year! I think they chose well."

Shade to Try:В Benjamin Moore Cosmopolitan

Bold, Moody Hues

Catherine Kwong

Trend Report: "An exciting trend that more and more people are getting into here in the Midwest is painting a bold, moody color like Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore in an already-small space to make it that much more intimate and dramatic," says Leu. "Those deep, rich greens are perfect for libraries, offices, dens, bathrooms, and other spaces that you're ready to make a style statement with."

Shade to Try:В Benjamin Moore Hunter Green

Intense Electric Hues

Courtesy of Martin Raffone LLC

Trend Report:В "For my spring projects, I am injecting intense high-octane color into rooms with warm and woody backgrounds," says Decorist celebrity designer Martin Raffone. "Natural tones are so soothing and inviting, especially when coupled with pops of high-intensity color to draw in and excite the eye."В

Shade to Try:В Benjamin Moore Twilight Blue

High-Contrast Neutrals

Г…ke Eson Lindman

Trend Report: "In this loft, I took the now proverbial black accent wall and sent it onto the floor," explains Raffone. "The ultra-black wood is an amazing counterpoint to the grey-washed wood slats and bright white painted brick, coco-brown upholstery, aluminum and walnut kitchen cabinets."

Shade to Try: Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green

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