6 Tips for Hosting and Attending Pool Parties

The summer season means longer days, warmer weather, and all of the outdoor play time you can get. And there might be no better way to celebrate the season of sun than a pool party. If you're planning on hosting pool party this summer or have a few to attend on your calendar, we recommend you take some advice from Bon AppГ©tit's editor in chief,В Adam Rapoport, who recently discussed the must-dos of pool parties. From ensuring you have plenty of guacamole to the proper vessels for your summer cocktails, these are Rapoport's rules for the perfect summer pool party.

  1. If you have a great house and an amazing pool, then host a pool party. If your friend who has aВ great house and an amazing poolВ invites you to a pool party, say yes. The answer is always yes!
  2. No glass around the pool, especially if kids are involved. So stock up on canned beers and Solo cups.
  3. Don't show up empty-handed. Bring a 12-pack of the aforementionedВ canned beer or make your famous pasta salad with pesto.
  4. Guacamole is a must. Who doesn't love chips and dip?
  5. Get in the water. Rapoport says, “none of that 'Oh, I forgot my suit' nonsense. It's a pool party, not a patio party; get in the water.”
  6. Make no-nonsense, diner-style burgers with the best ground chuck you can afford and American cheese.

For outdoor entertaining, we love melamine serving platters, especially these large, colorful circular onesВ from Pottery Barn.

Are you hosting a pool party this summer? WhatВ are your must-dos?