Bella Hadid Always Travels With These 2 Skincare Heroes

Getty Images

Bella Hadid doesn't just have good genes to thank for her dewy, luminous complexion-the model and face of Bulgari's new fragrance also has her skincare routine down pat. In an interview with Glamour, Hadid reveals that her mom taught her the importance of a well-honed skincare regimen at a young age.

"Yolanda Hadid did always tell me, 'skin before makeup,'" she recalls. "So now I try to stay consistent with my routine, especially when traveling. I don't leave home without serums or oils."

Hadid is clearly a no-fuss girl when it comes to beauty ("I don't like having a lot of makeup on my face"), but she notes that her evening routine has evolved beyond basic cleansing. "I used to be able to wash my face at night and not do anything after, but now if I go to sleep without moisturizing, my face feels dry and tight," she says.

As for her latest obsession? "I love masks. I do them all the time!" she tells Glamour. "I'm obsessed with black peel-off masks, and I use a sheet mask on mornings when I have an early event. So reviving!"