The 9 Most Romantic U.S. Cities Were Made for Couple's Getaways


You don't have to jet off toВ Paris or Rome to experience true romance. While Europe has nailed the allure of historic architecture, free-flowing wine, and endless carbs, there are plenty of romanticВ cities in the U.S. that offer just as much in the love department.В

In Charleston, it's the undeniable Southern charm that exudes from each cobblestone. In Aspen, it's the allure of a next-level aprГЁs-ski filled with champagne and spa treatments. In Honolulu, it's the breathtaking beaches and endless vistas mixed with a well-stirred mai tai. But there's more to romance in the U.S. than just these three cities.В

FromВ award-winning restaurants to cliff walks, and from dance clubs to winding streets, these American locales have plenty to offer-and they're an easy flight away from most American cities. So don't put off that couple's getaway any longer-these are without a doubt the most romantic cities in the U.S.

Charleston, South Carolina

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It's not hard to see whyВ Charleston is one of the most romantic cities in the U.S. The cobblestoned streets lined with towering oak trees and antique gas lights that flicker at dusk are enough to draw you into a whirlwind romance. The coastal city's historic district, with its antebellumВ mansions and horse-drawn carriages, don't hurt the eye either. Best of all, this South Carolina town has some of the best restaurants in the country.

San Francisco, California

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It's understandable why Tony Bennett sang "I left my heart in San Francisco." When the fog rolls in over the San Francisco hills, so does the romance. Between the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, the historic homes of Pacific Heights, and theВ crop of fresh new award-winning restaurants, you may never want to leave. And if you're looking for activities beyond the city center, the CaliforniaВ city's beaches and wine country will impress just as much.

Aspen, Colorado

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A playground for the rich and cold-weather sports lovers, Aspen, Colorado, is the perfect midwinter getaway. Hit the powdery slopes, aprГЁs-ski with unbeatable Rocky Mountain views, get pampered in some of the country's best spas, and wander the quaint streets of the infamous ski resort town. And if you're visiting off-season, there may be plenty of wildflowerВ fields to explore on your hiking excursions.

Miami, Florida

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At first glance, Miami's South Beach has everything to get the romance going: endless stretches of white-sand beaches, more award-winning restaurants thanВ one could count, and a distinct Latin flavor that turns up the heat. Not to mention that this Florida cityВ is home to some of the country's best hotels and resorts.В Go for a bike ride down the boardwalk, take a stroll in Little Havana, or go dancing at night-we promise you Miami will deliver on its romantic promise.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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With its colorful Spanish colonial buildings and its winding streets, visitingВ Old San Juan feels like you've just landed miles away from the coastal U.S. (and indeed, you have). Puerto Rico delivers on the perfect romantic getaway vibes-eat your heart out in some of the city's best restaurants, visit the breathtaking local beaches, or wander the beautiful historic streets You'll rekindle the flame in no time.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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New OrleansВ is well-known for its wild side. Year after year,В Bourbon Street welcomes crowds of visitors for Mardi Gras and more bachelor and bachelorette parties than most other cities in the U.S. But veer just a few blocks away from the madness, and you'll find yourself in a really charming city filledВ with history and more fantasticВ restaurants than you'll be able to visit in one trip. Take a stroll around the French Quarter, explore the Garden District, or catch a live jazz show-you'll be mesmerized.

Newport, Rhode Island

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With its quintessential New England charm, cobblestoned streets, and brick sidewalks, Newport, Rhode Island, was made for a romantic getaway. The city, surrounded by beautiful beaches and rocky cliffs, offers much more than a great bowl of clam chowder. To experience this New England city to its fullest potential, explore the various historic mansions (even stay in one at The Breakers) and don't forget the infamous Cliff Walk.

Chicago, Illinois

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With some of the best museums in the country and a restaurant list to match, it's not hard to see why Chicago, Illinois, made the list of the most romantic cities in the U.S.-especially in the summer months. With its Art Deco flair and midcentury buildings, this impressive city just oozes history and flair. Take a boat ride down the Chicago River or a stroll along Lake Michigan to get yourВ dose of water views, and catch a baseball game at the famous Wrigley Field.

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Who wouldn't want to fly away to Hawaii on a romantic vacation? With breathtaking coastlines, stunning white-sand beaches, and a laid-back attitude, it's easy to see why Honolulu attracts wedding parties and honeymooners by the thousands every year. Take it easy at the hotel to completely unwind, or go explore Hawaii's natural wonders, from black sand beaches to extinct volcanoes and lush rainforests-you'll fall in love with this slice of paradise, guaranteed.