These Are the 6 Most Important DГ©cor Trends at Target Right Now

Tessa Neustadt DESIGN: Emily Henderson

Let's get one thing straight before we launch into this story. We generally err on the side of Nate Berkus's trend philosophy. That said, we don't worship trends: Rather, we use them as a guide on how to refresh our space (or style) each season. "Quite frankly, I'm never going to be the guy who tells somebody they need to recover their sofa and patterns because the seasons have changed," he told MyDomaine in an interview last year. Trends are fickle creatures; they come, they go, they're in, they're out. And much quicker than most of us can keep up with or afford.

But we've found a happy medium. Invest in a timeless foundation and pepper in the seasonal decorative accents, from vibrant beachy pillows to colorful throws, handcrafted pottery, and artwork you can layer on top to make your home feel fresh and current (without putting a major dent in your wallet). When the new season hits, here's one place we always turn to: Target. And we know you do too. It's also Emily Henderson's go-to.В

"Although Target may be the king of affordable and stylish accessories, I am loving some of its new simple and beautiful furniture pieces that can transition and be used in almost any style," she told us. "The Rodney Chair is one of those pieces. Its clean lines, neutral fabric, and classic shape make it a winner for me."В Intrigued to discover the most important Target home trends (and products) you should pay attention to right now? Below, we highlight the top six to have on your radar from now until fall.

Global Injection

Courtesy of Target

While the world hasn't changed in physical size, thanks to the connective power of the internet, it's definitely smaller. We can still feel close to family and friends who live across the globe and keep abreast of what's happening socially, culturally, and politically no matter where we are. We're also traveling more frequently, thanks to cheaper flights, and this has had a huge influence on design and how we style our spaces. Who doesn't love to bring their vacation back home? It fuels our wanderlust and keeps those memories alive long after you return. This Target trend is definitely something we subscribe to.

Target Short Bottle Vase $10Shop

We love the color of this graphic, handcrafted vase-potteryВ is the accessory all the cool girls are buying after all.В

Target Wicker Tray With Wood Handles $17Shop

Texture is key to the global-inspired look, and this wicker tray has it in droves.В

Nate Berkus for Target Moroccan Lantern Candle Holder $33Shop

Morocco is the most Instagrammable cityВ in the world right now, but if you can't go (yet), then bring a little home with this stylish lantern candle holder from the Nate Berkus for Target collection.В

Target Trifoot Ceramic Bowl $20Shop

We're big fans of the indoor/outdoor trend,В and the simplest way to achieve it is with vibrant greenery. This very cool ceramic bowl is a great way to inject a dash of nature with a touch of global chic too.

Nate Berkus for Target Round Fringed Basket $35Shop

We're a sucker for baskets-these target basketsВ are everything. Not only does this Nate Berkus design look insanely stylish, but it also works incredibly hard in a space. It isn't just pretty; this multipurpose piece can be used for storage, a laundry basket, or a place for kids' toys. Genius.В

Color Pop

Courtesy of Target

When summer hits, all we want to do is open up the curtains, let our rooms bathe in the sunlight, and surround ourselves with color. Who can blame us? It's pure joy everywhere you turn. We love how Target infuses bright hues in a room without feeling overwhelmed by it. This living room has a neutral foundation with color splashed on top. You can layer as much or as little as you like.

Target Framed Watercolor Beads Print $20Shop

If you're shy about color, then just add a little with this soft watercolor beads print. It's subtle and bold all at once.В

Target Stripe Braided Round Accent Rug $19Shop

If you're ready to step it up a notch, then this rug is the perfect addition. Its braided style brings a textural element, weaving in a fun rainbow combination that is sure to brighten up any space.

Target Pink Stripe Throw Pillow $19Shop

If you're feeling bold, then add this pink striped pillow to the cart and throw it on your sofa for an instant summer injection.В

Target Burnt Orange Footed Planter $20Shop

If there's one hue that screams summer it's burnt orange.В From the golden sunsets to your sunburnt skin and those hazy desert days, this will set the tone for your summer home.В

Target Textured Stripe Throw Blanket $25Shop

When all else fails, pick up a throw and drape it over your sofa, across your breakfast table, or on the end of your bed. The tassels on this gorgeous stripe version were love at first sight.


Courtesy of Target

All we want to do is surround ourselves in Mother Nature in the summer, and this trend brings her inside for a nice, warm and cozy hug.В Think timber details, raw natural materials, and woven details. This is the kind of stress-free environment we all want to come home to. Open the window and let that summer light fill the space and take a deep, relaxing breath.В

Target Live Edge Wood Accent Stool $66Shop

This stool is a great addition to any living room to create that all-natural vibe. The raw details have been left with only a smooth surface on top for sitting or placing your favorite book.

Target Woven Seagrass Chair $130Shop

Who can resist this woven seagrass chair? It's the perfect seat for summer, both indoors and out. We can just see ourselves reading the latest summer novel on the patio in this. And it's only $130!

Target Wood Hanging Pendant Lamp $40Shop

If you want to bring that natural appeal to a small dimly lit space, then this pendant lamp will add just the right amount of shine while doubling as dГ©cor. It also makes a pretty wood hanging when it isn't lit. Genius.

Target Silver and Wood Vase $10Shop

This vase is a magical blend of the modern-neutral and all-natural trend, fusing silver with timber for a minimal futuristic appeal. Add some summer flowers and watch your space bloom.

Target Woven Geo Basket $35Shop

You can never have too many baskets. Hands down,В it exudes that all-natural vibe with its woven wicker style paired with industrial wire.В

Tropical Midcentury

Courtesy of Target

Tropical midcentury? Yeah, we know this sounds like a strange combination at first, but you only have to see Target's living room to understand why it's one of our favorites for the summer season. Why? Because it mixes two of our favorite things: tropical destinations and midcentury furniture. Take a look below at how you can fuse the two together for a seriously stylish effect at home.

Target Oversized Banana Leaf Throw Pillow $28Shop

Who can resist a banana leaf print? Not us. This chic watercolor throw pillow is the perfect accent for your living room sofa. Watch it pop.В

Target Cast Metal Gold Palm Leaf $20Shop

This is how you bring the tropics out of yourВ vacation and into your space. And to be honest, anything made out of gold has a place in our home.

Target Earthenware Wood Base Planter $28Shop

Add some tropical greenery to this earthenware planter. The timber base ties it in nicely with your midcentury aesthetic.

Target Framed Watercolor Palm Leaf $20Shop

When all else fails, hang a palm leaf print on the wall. This gorgeous watercolor art will look right at home in a small bathroom or reading nook.

Target Earthenware Vase $25Shop

Bring those summer florals indoors with this sweet vase inВ the bright blue hue that will take you straight to the sandy shores of Barbados.В

Modern Neutral

Courtesy of Target

If a color isn't for you, then follow Berkus's lead and stick to a muted palette. This is brimming with texture and midcentury vibes, and while the dark tones feel a tad wintry, it's the metallic accents and the tasseled throw pillow that bring this into the new, warmer season. Although,В UKВ interior design maven Abigail Ahern says inky hues are relevant all year round. "It doesn't matter where you live: hot climates, cool climates, in the city, in the country, on the coast. Even if your space faces north or it's bijou with very little natural light, inky hues will give the space an instant Hitchcockian vibe and add oodles of interest," she told MyDomaine. If this is your style too, then read on to see how you can use Target pieces to inject this vibe at home.В

Nate Berkus for Target Corded Tassel Throw Pillow $23Shop

There's so much to love about this throw pillow. It works in every room of the house.

Target Black Marble Candle Holder $14Shop

If there's one material we know will never go out of style, it's marble. At $14, this black candle holder in the cool stone is a no brainer. Add to cart.

Nate Berkus for Target Double Circle Sculpture $13Shop

Make your home look like a million dollars on a dime with this gold double circle sculpture.В

Nate Berkus for Target Ceramic Cut Out Table Lamp $51Shop

This lamp is only $51 but looks like an antique for quadruple that price (or more). We love the worn patina to reflect a rare time-worn piece you'd find at a flea market.В

Nate Berkus for Target Metal Wall Mirror $33Shop

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Your house, clearly. Especially with this gorgeous piece hanging in the living room.


Courtesy of Target

There's nothing quite like the appeal (and aesthetic) of a handcrafted piece. It has those cool artisanal features you simply can't replicate, unless you're Target, of course. The design team created a stunning range of unique pottery and decorative accents with handpainted designs or prints. Your guests' mouths will drop to the floor when you tell them where these pieces from.В

Target Earthenware Cream/Red Vase $25Shop

This stunning vase was on the table at the recentВ Target spring launchВ in L.A., and we couldn't believe it was from the new collection. In real life, this piece has incredible detail and a subdued pink hue that could work within any color scheme.В

Nate Berkus for Target Earthenware Camel Figurine $15Shop

Bring the Sahara home with this gorgeous camel figurine. The handpainted details really bring it to life.В

Target Carved Wood Ball $10Shop

This carved wooden ball will liven up your home office or sit cool and pretty on your living room bookshelf.В

Target Short Lidded Vase $20Shop

We love concrete, and Henderson is a massive fan too. In a recent post, she called Target's lidded pottery jars "pretty darn wonderful." We concur, wholeheartedly.

Target Corowa Bell $25Shop

Ring the bell, literally. Hang this porcelain piece from your window or sit it atop your favorite coffee table books.

Courtesy of Target