Freshen Up Flat-Pack Furniture With These 6 Smart and Stylish IKEA Hacks

There's no debate that when you're styling aВ home on a budget, IKEA's line of simple and affordable waresВ tick every box. Unfortunately, it's that very appeal that attracts millions of shoppers to the ubiquitous Swedish store, resulting in the same flat-pack dressers and coffee tablesВ appearing in homes around the world. Yes, it's the home dГ©cor equivalent of turning up to an event in the same dress as your best friend-flattering that you share the same taste, but hardly preferred.В

We have rounded up sixВ hacks to transform common IKEA furniture into a stylish, one-of-a-kind statement piece for any home. With just a few buys from your local hardware store, these smart DIY projects prove that a little effort and creativity can elevate almost any item, regardless of the initial price tag. Try these genius hacks to create a statement piece of furniture thatВ you'll never find in a friend's home again.В

Ruth Eileen Photography for Style Me Pretty

Black and Gold Entry Table

Skill Level:В IntermediateВ

Essentials:В An IKEA desk, gloss black spray paint, gold leaf, adhesive, foam brush, painter's tape, and sealant

The Tricky Part:В Style Me Pretty's desk transformation is surprisingly straight-forward, but affixing gold leaf can be a fiddly task. Use painter's tape to create a straight, even line and layer gold leaf for a luxurious finish.В

IKEA Lisabo Desk $149Shop Kellie Van for Le Zoe Musings

Gilded Vases

Skill Level:В Beginner

Essentials:В Glass vases, newspaper, gold spray paint, and double-sided tape

The Tricky Part:В This smart hack by Kellie Van of Le Zoe MusingsВ uses the torn edge of a sheet of newspaper to create a unique, uneven stencil. Be sure to carefully secure the newspaper stencil to the glass with double-sided tape, to ensure the gold spray paint leaves a precise mark.В

IKEA Cylinder Vases $15Shop Sarah Sherman Samuel

Dresser With Brass Details

Skill Level:В Intermediate

Essentials: An IKEA wooden dresser, small foam roller, gold spray paint, brass knobs, and white, acrylic-based paint

The Tricky Part:В Acrylic-based paint is thick and sticky, and can be an absolute pain to remove if you make a mess. Use a drop sheet when painting this dresser, andВ allow ample time for each drawer to properly dry before sliding it back into the unit.В

IKEA Hurdal 5-Drawer Chest $299Shop

Floating Copper Shelves

Skill Level:В Advanced

Essentials:В IKEA floating shelf, copper foil roll, scissors, spray adhesive, and a hammer

The Tricky Part:В Regular IKEA hacker Livet HemmaВ has concealed a common floating shelf with a roll of copper foil. Applying metal foil can be challenging-the thin sheets areВ very sharp so wear protective gloves when cutting the roll to shape.В

IKEA Lack Wall Shelf $17Shop Style Me Pretty

Metal and Acrylic Bar Cart

Skill Level:В Advanced

Essentials:В IKEA laptop table, spray paint, acrylic sheet, glass cutter, caster wheels, drill, and patterned paper

The Tricky Part:В This IKEA laptop table comes without a base platform, so you'll need to cut a sheet of acrylic and drill it to each leg. Carefully read through Style Me Pretty's instructions before you start and practice drilling through an off-cut before trying the hack-every mistake is visible on clear acrylicВ board so you've only got one shot to get it right.В

IKEA Vittsjo Laptop Table $40Shop Livet Hemma

Rustic Cutting Boards

Skill Level:В Beginner

Essentials: IKEA cutting board, leather straps, rivets, and nailheads (optional)

The Tricky Part:В It doesn't get much easier than this DIY hack by Livet Hemma. In fact, the hardest thing you'll have to do is braid the leather and affix a rivet.В

IKEA Proppmatt Chopping Board $3Shop