Try This, Not That: 15 Space-Saving Furniture Alternatives for Tiny Abodes

Fantastic Frank

With plenty of firsthand experience living in small spaces, we know how many decorating challenges they pose. Since we've highlighted some of the major dГ©cor mistakes to avoid in a tinier home as well as design tricks to make it feel larger and storage hacks to keep things clutter-free, it's time to think about space-saving furniture. This is probably the trickiest part of outfitting a small residence, considering that most essentials tend to be the bulkiest, like sectionals, dining room tables, lounge chairs, dressers, and coffee tables.

And a home isn't really complete without those items, right? Well, yes and no. The solution is sort of like portion control. You don't need to cut out anything out completely; it's simply about cutting back. With this ethos in mind, we came up with a space-saving diet of sorts so you can get the most out of your square footage. Scroll through to find out the best 15 space-saving furniture alternatives to swap out with bulkier counterparts so you can still have the home dГ©cor staples without bumping into something every time you turn around.

Instead of Club Chairs…

Project 62 Plano Storage Ottoman $70Shop

Any piece of furniture that boasts two functions is game changer, and this is especially true in a tiny home. This spotted ottoman doubles as a storage unit, so you can whip it out as an extra seat when guests are over, use it as a coffee table if you put a tray on top of it, and keep your throws and textiles out of the view when they aren't being used.В

Instead of an Accent Table…

Vintage Tole Bar Cart $365Shop

When space is limited, everything in the room should have practical value. Instead of a side table that's merely there for aesthetics, opt for a two-tier bar cart. This way you can display your dГ©cor items or barware while also making a stylish statement. Plus, since it's on wheels, you can roll it in and out of public rooms as you please.

Instead of Low-Hanging Pendants…

Cedar & Moss Terra Sconce $229Shop

If your ceilings are low and even a slim floor lamp takes up too much room, consider installing stylish wall sconces. This will free up some surface area and introduce just as much personality without feeling out of proportion.

Instead of Double Nightstands…

CB2 Tallulah Rattan Nightstand $429Shop

While a pair ofВ nightstands creates a nice balance when flanking a bed, some spaces just aren't big enough for two. Have fun with the asymmetry and choose a bold bedside table that also offers up some storage space for books and a table lamp.В

Instead of a Sectional…

Cobble Hill Soho Loveseat $1496Shop

You can get cozy in the living room even without a great big sofa. How? Opt for a loveseat or a settee with plush upholstered cushions. It will look so much more refined and well suited for the room. Plus, you can always drag up an ottoman as a footrest if you're curling up for a movie marathon.

Instead of a Big Cabinet…

Milo Baughman Shelving Unit $3200Shop

Rather than outfitting your living room with a dresser, media cabinet, magazine rack, and more, invest in one statement piece that can do it all.

Instead of a Coffee Table…

CB2 3-Piece Peekaboo Acrylic Nesting Table Set $199Shop

Nesting tables are some of the most versatile home dГ©cor pieces out there. You can tuck the little ones away when you're not using them, spread them out in various rooms, or stack them together toВ work as a smaller coffee table when guests are over. These transparent surfacesВ are especially ideal since they're nondescript.В

Instead of Large Dining Chairs…

Coming Soon NYC 1970s Italian Bar Stools $950Shop

If you don't have a dining room and your kitchen is too tiny to comfortably fit a full-size dining table, drag a set of barstools up to a kitchen island or countertop bar. These are slim, but the primary-colored vinyl seats and retro flair pack a lot of punch.

Instead of a Cabinet…

Creative Bath Space Saver Light Brown Bamboo $66Shop

This tall etagere will be aВ lifesaver in a small bathroom, especially if you don't have any built-in storage options already. Simply slide it behind/above your toilet.

Instead of a Living Room Dresser…

West Elm Drum Storage Coffee Table $599Shop

If you're going to use a coffee table in a crowded place, make sure it offers up some extra functional value too. This drum-shaped brass table doubles as a storage unit so you can tuck away gadgets and textiles while also gathering around it for happy hour.

Instead of a Large Sofa…

CB2 Lubi Turquoise Sleeper Daybed $899Shop

If you often host guests, this daybed is a dream come true. Use it as a comfortable, shapely lounger during the day or quiet nights in, and then convert it into a bed when visitors stop by. Even if you never use it as a guest bed, it's a great alternative to a large sofa.

Instead of Big Lamps…

FLOS Lighting Captain Flint LED Floor Lamp $1495Shop

Sculptural and sleek, this angular black lamp with a marble base is an ideal lighting source. It's super slim and won't take up much space but adds infinite luxury and elegance.

Instead of a Sideboard…

Anthropologie Waterfall Inlay Console Table $1298Shop

If you have room in the entryway for a console table, make sure it's minimal and narrow. This curvy bone-inlay table would be the ideal home for catchalls and photographs. If you don't have enough room, but the foyer feels bare, opt for a stool instead.

Instead of a Full Dining Set…

ABC Carpet & Home Brass Bar Table & Stools $1995Shop

Who needs a giant dining room when you can enjoy all your meals on this brass tabletop?В This three-piece pub table will elevate your home dining experience without cramping your style.В

Instead of Club Chairs…

AYTM Angui Bench $512Shop

Instead of a large chest at the end of your bed or a set of oversize club chairs in the living room, introduce a compact but bold bench. This bordeaux velvet cushion is comfortable, and the sculptural frame doesn't shy away from the spotlight. Plus, the timeless design ensures that you'll keep it throughout the years no matter how big or small your home is.