5 Simple Dip Recipes for Last-Minute Weekend Hangs

Even if you leave theВ office on Friday afternoon intent on having zero plans all weekend (it's just you, the sofa, and Netflix), often your friends and family have a very different idea. They can ambush you at the last minute, and a short text that readsВ I'm coming over is often the only warning you'll get before they're on your doorstep. When this happens,В we suggest channeling your inner Martha StewartВ andВ whipping up a simple, delicious dip. Why? They're instant crowd pleasers, and foodВ always tastes better when shared, right? If you're out of ideas, these five recipes will satisfy every palette. Warning: They're addictive, which means your friends will be back for more.

Half Baked Harvest

Margherita Pizza Dip

Who doesn't love pizza? Well, now you can enjoy the deliciousВ flavour of our much-loved meal as a dip. Yes, you heard right. Half Baked HarvestВ dreamed up the most indulgent inverse margherita pizza dip. Instead of the cheese being on the bread, the cheese gets melted in a baking dish, and you use the bread for dipping. It's also super easy to make. It's literally melted cheese (burrata, mozzarella, Parmesan, and cream cheese) with grilled, sliced tomatoes and basil on top. It's just too good.В

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Spinach, Feta, and Dill Hummus With Pine Nuts

If you're health-conscious, we suggest you skip the pizza version and dip right into this delicious spinach, feta, and dill flavor bomb. It's like a multivitamin disguised as delicious party food. Don't believe us? Let'sВ break it down. It's packed with protein, thanks to the chickpeas and tahini; it's bursting with vitamin C, courtesy of the lemon juice; it has major omegas from the drizzled olive oil on top; and the mixed greens will give youВ a burst of energy. But really, the fact that this hummus tastes amazing is a good enough reason for us.В

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Spinach and Onion Bay Leaf Bechamel Dip

At first glance, it looks like a pie, but this baked pretty is actually a spinach dip. This will take a little longer than the others to prepare, but it's totally worth the extra elbow grease to make it happen. It's the ultimate comfort food, with onions, garlic, bГ©chamel, and melted cheese on top.В This dip is so substantial that it actually doubles as dinner, so think of all that time you saved.В

The Year in Food

Smoky Beetroot Hummus

The bright magenta colour is just as vibrant as this dip's flavour. The Year in FoodВ recipe roasts fresh beetroots first before blending, but you can also use pre-cooked versions from the store if you're short on time. The secret is in the smoked paprika, which we're told "makes a world of difference." Once you have all the ingredients, just blend them all together in a food processor and serve. VoilГ !В

I Am a Food Blog

Mini Baked JapaeГ±o Spinach Dip

Okay, so this one might require a little more time than the blended hummus, but it's totally worth it-trust us. It's creamy, gooey, and a little bit spicy, all wrapped up in a cozy bread-roll casing. We can't imagine anyone turning one of these down at a party; they're just way too cute to handle. It's also one you can make in bulk, so if you have unexpected guests, just whip up an extra-large batch, pour it into a bowl, and serve with chips.

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