Step Inside Emily Henderson's Latest Greenhouse Transformation

With the trend of she sheds taking over, guest houses, abandoned sheds and overgrown greenhouses have been ambitiously gut-renovated and decorated with vintage day beds, billowy sheer curtains and chandeliers as big as the small space can hold. But there hasn't been a she shed transformation as ambitious as this one. Coming upon a neglected, but gorgeous greenhouse, the possibilities were endless-when you're Emily Henderson that is.В

Forget a she shed, this space was big enough to be a living room for the whole family and then some. To do this renovation justice, enterВ Emily Henderson, MyDomaine's spirit animal reincarnate as interior designer extraordinaire and host of HGTV's Secrets From a Stylist; and Niki Brantmark, interior designer and editor of My Scandinavian Home.В

The pair took the ultimate reno project, turning this greenhouse into a Scandinavian glass-walled dream, stocked with a cozy boho daybed, Samsung's new TV-art hybrid, The Frame, and, of course, lots ofВ plants. Want to see how the design duo reframed this space? See the results (and some major dГ©cor inspo) ahead.

When the interior decorators first stepped inside the greenhouse, they were struck by the sheer space. Unkempt weeds may have taken over, but the design duo saw infinite potential. Because of the amount of square footage they had to play with, the team wanted to build in not just a living space, but a kitchen and dining areaВ too.

To get started, all the plant beds and overgrown greenery had to go-including the floorboards! Windows were upgraded, wood floors were added, and severalВ surfaces received a fresh coat of crisp white paint.

To have a nod to its origins, the designers decided to shop for plenty of greenery, with a tree in the center of the room, and lots of potted plants to dot the windowsills, hang from the ceilings, and sit on the tabletop surfaces.

The effect? Thanks to the glass walls, the greenery on the inside blends into the surrounding forest. Once the construction phase was complete, it was time for the fun part: deciding on a design. Both the designers have a penchant for minimalist Scandinavian design, and the direction was unanimous. To create minimal but cozy vibes, Brantmark says, “It's a lot about textures while sticking to a really light palette and muted tones.”

See this gorgeous living space ideal for lounging, napping, or hosting a casual brunch in. For the living area, plentiful seating options were crucial, with a daybed that can comfortably fit four along with iconic Danish designer Hans Wegner's Halyard lounge chair.

Cozy, no? All the soft accents in this corner make the shed feel homey.В

Of course, a family room isn't complete without a TV-and when choosing a box of entertainment, there isn't a better choice than Samsung's latest innovation, The Frame. When not in use, The Frame acts as a piece of art in and of itself. There are hundredsВ of photographs and paintings to choose from by various artists in the Samsung Collection and Art Stores, and you can even upload personal photos.

To compliment the space, the design duo opted for a minimalist image by Bohnchang Koo. Henderson's favorite part about the TV? “It doesn't matter how light or dark your room actually is, because there's an automatic Brightness Sensor,” so the image looks as much like real art as possible.

The living area also features a simple mid-century modern console, which makes the space feel a bit more livable. The tabletop was decorated with multi-shapedВ pots and vasesВ and plenty of book optionsВ for those lazy Sundays.

To ensure that guests can stay in the greenhouse for as long as possible, the design duo refurbishedВ the kitchen, adding in trendy floating shelves and a small accent mirror. They left the original paint on a portion of the counter for a slightly rustic feel. To soften the effect, a curtain was added below to tastefully hide storage.В

On the other end of the greenhouse, the pair created a chic diningВ area with vintage chairs and framed art nonchalantly stacked on the windowsill.

Last but not least, take a look at our personal favorite part of the greenhouse, the luxe layered daybed nook. To honor the Scandinavian vision for the space, the designers chose to create interest with various textures while sticking to a light, neutral palette. We certainly wouldn't mind spending a crisp fall day bundled up in this cozy space (watching hours of reruns on The Frame, of course).

Learn more about how Samsung's new The Frame can reinvent your space and watch the full transformation here.