This Is How You Add Pops of Color to Your Space (Without Overdoing It)

Dustin Walker for Hutch

No matter how keen your eye is and how style-savvy you are, moving from aВ studio apartment to a large home is going toВ pose a few design challenges. So when photographer and creative directorВ Jonpaul Douglass andВ his partnerВ Anica, a producer on the global marketing team at Netflix,В traded in theirВ small studio for aВ spacious house, they neededВ a tool that wouldВ ease the shopping process, offer expert design guidance, and keep things organized. So they called onВ Hutch, a platform and mobile app that mixes 3D technology with online shopping to let you virtually decorate your space, to help them out. "This was the first time we had to design a home with multiple rooms and over 2000 square feet," which was their biggest challenge.В

Jamie Glushon of Hutch describes it "as a virtual dressing room for your home," with theВ extraВ perk of a personal stylist, we'd add.В "When we first saw this space, we instantly loved the large windows, natural light oak floors, and clean lines-it seemed like the perfect blank canvas for us to build upon," says Douglass. And we have to say, the end result is pretty incredible. Take a tour of thisВ Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired homeВ with aВ California twist.В

The Living Room

Dustin Walker for Hutch

When they moved into their two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom home a year ago, the couple only had a few deal breakers. "We wanted our home to feel cozy and inviting-not only to us but also to any friends and family that come over," they tell us. So naturally, the living roomВ wasВ an essentialВ step inВ achieving their goal. They opted for a roomy, casual sofa thatВ they can stretch out on when they're home alone on a quiet night or enjoy while hosting guests. The fabrics and natural materials throughout theВ space ensure aВ laidbackВ feel, yet it's well-curated, which achieves an easy elegance.В

"We spend a lot of time in our living room," the couple says. "It's the best of both worlds-the soft light and our oversize sofa make it really nice for relaxing, but the same room doubles as the perfect communal hang-out space for when we have friends and family over."

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The Hallway

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As far as renovations,В theВ Douglasses tried to keep it limited to minor updates and affordable fixes. "Our floating shelves were a budget-friendly addition that we added after we moved in once we realized that that part of the house needed a bit more color and texture," they explain. "We sourced the white oak wood from a local lumber shop and had a husband/wife contractor team install them (Spaulding Company)."

Though it was simple enough to execute, the perks are bottomless. Not only do simple floating shelves keep things clutter-free and organized, they alsoВ allow you to show off all your tchotchkes andВ accent pieces.В

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The Kitchen

Dustin Walker for Hutch

"We are minimalists but love mixingВ artwork,В pops of color, and texture to create a homey feel. We are both drawn to the simplicity of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles," they tell us. The kitchen plays on the use of organic shapes and sleek,В simple neutral hues. They let a few cookbooks and produce add a few pops of color, which enables them to keep the space timeless and open with plenty of usable space.В

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The Dining Room

Dustin Walker for Hutch

"We wanted to have all our core pieces be neutral and then bring in color with art and dГ©cor. We love color, so we incorporated blues, pinks,В and yellows by peppering in art and small pieces in those hues in order to give our home a sophisticated yet cheerful palate," the couple shares. As with the rest of the home, investment piecesВ andВ larger furniture items were classic and streamlined in style yet formal enough to feel dressy when need be. Since they're transitional, the space can grow with them throughout the years.В

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The Master Bedroom

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"We laugh that we still aren't quite used to having a house where we can close the bedroom door," they joke. Given that they had such a large space to fill, "it was most exciting to see how things fit together in terms of scale and functionality. We had an idea of the style we were going for and we had no trouble picking individual pieces that we love, but it was difficult for us to conceptualize the entire design without seeing everything together."

Everything in the couple's home has an intention and sense of thoughtfulness behind it-there's very little dГ©cor for dГ©cor's sake. "A lot of the art and ceramic pieces in our home are handmade by friends or collected during past travels. We feel really lucky to be able to fill our house with our friends' work," they said. This is an especially nice sentiment to keep in mind when designing the master bedroom since it should be a personal oasis.

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The Home Office

Dustin Walker for Hutch

"The office also presented its own unique challenge, as we wanted it to reflect Jonpaul's personality as hisВ workspaceВ but also function as a guest room. When putting together that room, we aimed to find a balance between functionality and a space that inspires creativity," says Douglass. They also made the most of the room by giving it a double function and using a sleeper sofa rather than opting for a full- or queen-sized bed.В

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Dustin Walker for Hutch

Interestingly,В the couple soldВ almost everything they owned from their old studio except for their plants. "Our fiddle leaf figs and cacti have been traveling from house to house with us for three years now. The giant variegated rubber plant is the new guy in town-we bought him specifically for our living room space. We needed a plant that was tall enough to make a statement in a room with such tall ceilings, and one that would add life and warmth toВ the space," they said. When you think about it, it's kind of like leaving everythingВ behind when you get a fresh start except for your pets.

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