This Is How the Scandinavians Do Bohemian at Home

Whether you're an swornВ maximalistВ or a devoted minimalist, the Scandinavian-bohemian combo is a fashionable fusion of both. It's a scaled-back and insanely stylish version of the free-spirited aesthetic set within the confines of a clutter-free zone. Perhaps it's the busy modern lives we lead (who has the time to be that organized?), or maybe it's our perpetual state of wanderlust, but this artful mix really hits home, and we're rejoicing in this cool "undone" yet curatedВ boho-chicВ formula.

So how do you pair two opposing styles to create a harmonious blend? Because let's face it:В BohemianВ and minimalВ aren't two words we'd usually utter in the one sentence, let alone under one roof. It's important to remember this isn't as haphazard as the usual bohemian spread we've all come to know and love. To get this unique look right, you need to ensure the carefully edited and clean Scandinavian designВ thread still runs through each room.

To cultivate the Scandinavian-boho style think found objects and sentimental treasures expertly layered within a white room with an organized vibe.


If you have a penchant for the eclectic but not the cluttered, this look is for you. To ensure the room maintains that minimal, organized feel (even among the chaos), the walls need to be clear. How? By keeping the ceiling and wallsВ white and bright, it reigns in the layered trinkets, the colorful bookshelf, and the furniture mix. It effectively prevents this look from crossing the line into chaotic territory-we recommend leaning your artwork against the wall too.

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Now that your walls are white, don't be afraid to experiment with color (not all Scandinavian homes are monochrome), but before you start making selections, be sure to choose shadesВ within the same tonal family. In order to keep that minimalistic aesthetic favored by our European tastemakers, you need to restrain the palette a little.

Australian interior designer Shannon Fricke agrees. "Choose colors either side of your main color and work within tones of that color," she told MyDomaine. "For example, blue and green or orange and yellow always work well together. This approach creates a serene, calming interior."В

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If you really want to take the Scandinavian look to a bohemian level, throw in a sheepskin-it's the one cool dГ©cor piece every stylish girl owns. And we literally mean throw it. Drape one over your chair, across the sofa, at the end of your bed, and even on your entryway bench. Not only does it look super stylish, it also adds texture and warmth in a single toss. It's chic nonchalance at its finest.

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The key to a bohemian home is the worldly mashup of unique finds, rare collectibles, and odd brick-Г -brac on the tables, shelves, and mantels. But the Scandinavian difference is in the expertВ curation of these sentimental treasures to gallery-like status. These aren't just simply piled together randomly; their placement is carefully considered, edited, and finely tuned within a theme that's often color-coordinated. Just like the overall color of the room, keeping your trinkets in the same tonal family will allow you to play and build with ease.

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We already know that textured dГ©cor uplifts any space,В but it's essential to aВ bohemianВ home. Cozy throws laid elegantly against the couch with throw pillows in soft fabric and a rigid rug under your feet really let you sink into your surroundings. This transports the Scandinavian theme into the comfort zone and channels that laid-back boho vibe.

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No Scandinavian bohemian home is complete without a fabric pendant light hanging overhead. This signature luminescence will light up any space with a subtle moody glow, while its unique design will dial up the luxury. It's the perfect feminine touch. Add aВ rustic elementВ with raw timber furniture and mismatched chairs.

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