9 Genius Responses to "Why Are You Single?"


There are many reasons being single is the best time of your life. You live your life without compromise, have more time and opportunities for self-discovery and self-development, and learn your value and your needs. Still, society places immense pressure on individuals to pair up. As much as we enjoy living the single life, there's constant pushback from outside sources that question our decision to be single, even sometimes having the audacity to ask about our particular relationship status outright. It's pretty safe to say every woman who's ever been single has been asked, "Why are you single?" Though completely stepping outside the lines of propriety, this prying question gets posed constantly. For every woman tired of hearing it, we've rounded up brilliant comebacks to put the bad-mannered questioner in their place with just one sentence so you can get back to enjoying your lovely single life. Read on for nine genius responses to "Why are you single?"

1. "I'm overqualified."

2. "I was born this way."

3. "Why do you ask?"

4. "Just lucky, I guess."

5. "Because I'm not willing to settle."

6. "Because I don't have a partner."

7. "Why does it matter?"

8. "I'm working on becoming a CEO, not an MRS."

9. "As Cher Horowitz says, 'You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet.'"

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