Call All Your Friends-Round Beach Towels Were Made for Seaside Group Hangs

Courtesy of T he Beach People

Lining up all your friends on perfectly aligned beach towels Г la Sisqo's "Thong Song" is better left, along with the throwback tune, in the 1990s. Unless you're at the beach with only one or two friends, it makes striking a conversation nearly impossible, leaving you alone with your thoughts, reading a gossip mag (or better yet, a psychological thriller), and sizzling in the sun for hours on end. Instead, enter the round beach towel.

I tried one with a group of friends this past long weekend-all sitting around in a circle playing card games-and I can vouch for how much fun it is. Better yet, place a handful of round towels in a circle, and you've got yourself a party. Yes, the advantages of the round beach towel are endless-they'll wrap you up like a burrito when you walk out of the refreshing waves, make cuddling up to your partner that much easier, and prove the perfect towel to ensure a lively day at the beach. Convinced? Here are the favorite ones we found online this year.

Kassatex Cabana Round Beach Towel $121 $89Shop

Make your own exclusive cabana with this chic, striped round beach towel from Kassatex.

Ban.do No Bad Days Terry Cotton Round Towel $68Shop

This round beach towel says it all. Channel your summer mantra on every trip to the beach.

H&M Round Beach Towel $35Shop

Jump on the polka-dot train this summer with this round beach towel by H&M.

The Beach People The Mirage $99Shop

The purveyors of the original round beach towels bring you this beauty inspired by sandy beach dunes.

Ban.do Monstera Round Towel $68Shop

Not technically perfectly round but close enough, this Monstera beach towel is giving us major tropical vibes.

Seaside Living Lemon Beach Towel $28Shop

Channel the Amalfi Coast with this summery beach towel with a playful Italian flair.

Bed Bath & Beyond Watermelon Round Beach Towel $30Shop

If, like us, you're into all things watermelon come summertime, this towel is for you.

Yoga Zeal Moon Phases Beach Towel $50Shop

This round beach towel was made for throwing full-moon parties. Can't you just picture it?

John Robshaw Round Cita Blue Beach Towel $95 $67Shop

This elaborate John Robshaw beach towel will make you feel like you've just landed in The Little Mermaid.

SunnyLife Andaman Round Beach Towel $114Shop

Make a statement at the beach with this white-and-navy geometric round beach towel from Sunnylife.

H&M Round Beach Towel $25Shop

When life gives you lemons, take them to the beach.

Ban.do All Around Giant Heart Towel $98Shop

This towel was made for someone with a big heart (and an even bigger group of friends).

Bed Bath & Beyond Medallion Round Beach Towel $25Shop

Channel the good vibes with this mandala-inspired round beach towel from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Jenny Blanc Palm & beach Mustique Round Tropical Print Beach Towel $127Shop

Channel the tropical vibes of the Caribbean with this lush and luxe round beach towel.

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