Real Brides Reveal Their Wedding Day Regrets

While the planning stage can be one of the most rewarding and memorable aspects of your wedding, it can also be daunting and overwhelming for brides-to-be-quite possibly because you've never done it before! Our advice? Learn from the people that have. Enter, the real brides who have planned their big day, wedded their dream man, and reflected on the things they'd change. They're now ready to reveal their wedding dayВ regrets, so you can avoid doing the same.

From not opting to change into aВ reception dress to not bookingВ a videographer, these are the things realВ brides would change if given a second chance to plan their nuptials. Read to see what real brides consider their biggest wedding day regrets. Brides-to-be, take note!

Alexandra Whiting, Lifestyle Editor, POPSUGAR

Alana Landsberry

“I had the time of my life at my wedding, and for the most part wouldn't change a thing, however, I would have liked a second dress to change into later in the night. My dress was light and not super fitting so I could move really freely in it, but it did have a seven-layer skirt, and once the dancing started, I was warm. Plus, the dancefloor got a lot more use than I expected (even our DJ commented that our guests really knew how to party) and I ended up spilling an espresso martini down my skirt. It didn't really matter, but if I'd had the option, I would have loved to slip into something else at that point. It also doesn't hurt to have a backup. Even if you don't end up changing, it's always good to have the option-which is what I now tell all my bride-to-be pals.”

Carly Roberts, Creative Director, ELLE

Alana Landsberry

“I wish I would have spent money on a videographer so I could relive the best day of my life whenever I wanted to. I would have also loved to show our daughter, Poppy, one day so she could see all of our amazing friends and family who created the most perfect wedding day.”

Angela Honeywell, Founder, The Candle Library

Amelia Fullarton

“My husband, Tom, and I had made the decision not to have a videographer for the wedding, and though I don't regret not getting a videographer, I do regret not getting someone to film our speeches. Even if it would have just been someone with their iPhone! Our families gave such beautiful speeches, I would have loved to be able to watch them again.”

Lizzie Renkert, Co-Founder & Director, We Are Kindred

Lindy Goodwin

“I only have one regret-we didn't organise transport for guests to leave the venue and I felt terrible when everyone was trying to get home!”

Jessica Pecoraro, Fashion Stylist

The Timeo Hotel

“My biggest regret would have to be not having taken the time to take photos with my family and close friends. I wanted all my images to be candid and didn't want to miss any moments away from the celebration, yet looking back at them now I wish I had a few simple shots with close family and friends.”

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